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TAPA Certification & Supply Chain Security: Compliance Guide

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As the world becomes more interconnected, the transport of goods continues to grow at an unprecedented rate. However, with this growth comes an alarming increase in theft and damage during transportation and storage. Notably, high-tech products are particularly vulnerable. These incidents not only cause financial losses but also negatively impact the overall logistics environment.

In 1997, several corporations in the USA, including NEC Electronics America and Intel, joined forces to address the supply chain security concerns faced by industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, logistics, and security businesses. Together, they started the TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) as a non-profit organization with the goal of enhancing the security of freight transport.

Table of Contents:

What is the TAPA Certification?

TAPA, short for Transported Asset Protection Association, brings together a dynamic network of global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other key players to shape the future of supply chain security.

Their mission? To tackle transport crime head-on and eradicate cargo theft and loss of goods. With TAPA, you gain access to the latest, cutting-edge security standards that safeguard your assets throughout the supply chain.

A TAPA certification demonstrates that you are a transporter that is in line with today’s supply chain security standards and that your cargo is preventively protected against threats. This allows you to distinguish yourself from other transport companies. A TAPA certification ensures demonstrable quality.

What are the TAPA Security Standards?

TAPA security standards provide a unique forum of leading supply chain security for global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders. The purpose of TAPA is to minimize transport crime, cargo theft and the loss of goods.

TAPA Security Standards can be divided into 3 categories:

TAPA FSR (Facility Security Requirements)

TAPA Certified Warehouse from the outside.

The TAPA FSR marks off the minimum supply chain security requirements for handling and storing HVTT (High Value Tech Targeted) assets. The TAPA compliance standards for facility security requirements require approved members to:

  • Choose supply chain suppliers that meet TAPAs (Transported Asset Protection Association) FSR certification requirements.

  • Get TAPA certified for each facility individually. TAPA certification is specific to facilities, not whole organizations.

  • Get a TAPA FSR certification through an audit process by a TAPA approved auditor.

The security measures needed to meet TAPA FSR compliance requirements are:

  • Perimeter Security

  • Access Control

  • Facility Dock / Warehouse Security

  • Security Systems (Machine Security)

  • Security Procedures

  • Standard Security Requirements

  • Pre-Alerts

  • Enhanced Security Requirements

TAPA FSR Certification Classes

The TAPA FSR certification is divided into 3 classes: A, B, C. The TAPA compliance audit consists of 73 items and the applicant must obtain a score of 60% or more to get the certification.






“Exceeds Requirements”






“Minimally Acceptable”

TAPA TSR (Trucking Security Requirements)

The TAPA TSR provides essential standards and best practices for carriers transporting valuable goods. While not mandatory, we highly recommend implementing these measures to strengthen the shipper-carrier partnership.

According to TAPA's Incident Information System (IIS), over 85% of cargo theft in North America occurs on trucks.

TAPA TSR Certification Classes

The TAPA TSR certification has 3 levels. Level 1 is the highest level, while level 3 represents you meet the minimum TAPA compliance requirements.




Level 1


“Exceeds Requirements”

Level 2



Level 3


“Minimally Acceptable”

Cargo truck driving through a highway in the sunset.

Remember that TAPA FSR and TAPA TSR certifications only cover the minimum requirements for supply chain security. TAPA compliance standards may be higher depending on your geographical area or the specific clients you may be working with.

TAPA Air, Cargo, Security, Standards (TACSS)

TAPA TACSS compliant plane transporting cargo.

Ensuring the safety and security of air cargo is of utmost importance. TACSS program brings together the best practices from industry and government programs to provide comprehensive security solutions for air cargo. TACSS can also be used alongside other regulations and requirements from independent organizations like TAPA.

Only TAPA approved audit organizations can perform TACSS Certification assessments. If a score of 100% is achieved, the assessment criteria is considered passed. Any areas that do not meet the required standard will be identified as a finding.

Your service provider must address the finding or obtain an official waiver within 60 days of the assessment date. Failing to address the findings will result in a failed assessment. The auditor will communicate the audit result to the service provider within 10 working days. There are three outcomes when conducting the assessment.




TACSS Level 1 or 2

Passed Pending

The assessment did not achieve a score of 100%. The applicant must address the issues and fix them within 60 days.


​The assessment did not achieve a score of 100% and the service provider does not wish to comply.

Benefits of Getting a TAPA Certification

Besides boosting supply chain security measures, getting a TAPA certification allows you to:

Become Part of a Global Community of Supply Chain Security Experts

Obtaining your TAPA certification will allow you to team up with a globally renowned force battling cargo crime. TAPA AMERICAS stands tall as one of TAPA's three main pillars, alongside TAPA EMEA (Europe and Africa) and TAPA APAC (Asia/Pacific).

Together, these branches encompass chapters in South Africa and Mexico, with budding chapters emerging in other crime-laden countries. Each TAPA division not only contributes to the worldwide supply chain security cause but also caters to the specific requirements of its regional members.

Access to Exclusive TAPA Security & Networking Events

Joining TAPA AMERICAS comes with a major reward: access to three exciting TAPA security conferences held in the region each year. These highly anticipated events bring together over 200 experts in security and supply chain for valuable networking and in-depth discussions on pressing topics in supply chain security.

Additionally, attendees can participate in practical workshops focused on relevant issues.

Elite TAPA Security Training

Your TAPA certification will give you exclusive access to complimentary training courses on FSR and TSR, covering vital freight and trucking security requirements. The training sessions are held throughout the year in various locations across the Americas region.

Business/Government Alliance

Protecting members' interests and promoting positive changes in security legislation is a top priority for TAPA. Through regulatory affairs, they work closely with law enforcement and government agencies to enhance the supply chain and insurance communities.

Their recurrent day-to-day interactions with law enforcement authorities aim to raise awareness, foster cooperation, and drive proactive anti-crime initiatives. Businesses who own a TAPA certification actively contribute to the development and implementation of supply chain security best practices.

What Is Included with Your TAPA Certification?

Your 12-month TAPA membership includes:

  • Delegate status at TAPA AMERICAS conference & networking events

  • Participation in TAPA members-only webinars

  • Access to TAPA’s email alerts and quarterly cargo crime bulletins

  • Opportunity to gain certification to TAPA’s Security Requirements.

  • FSR & TSR training courses within the region

  • Opportunity to participate in working groups and serve on committees

  • Access to TAPA Regional monthly newsletters

BTI: The Tapa Compliance Specialist Near Me

Here at BTI we have more than 35+ years of experience helping businesses meet their supply chain security needs and regulations. Ready to take your organization's security to the next level? Upgrade your security systems, achieve TAPA compliance, and boost efficiency by contacting us today.

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