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Software House Access Control - 2023 Updates and Roadmap for 2024

Find all the essential information about Software House's latest updates and upcoming advancements. From exciting new product releases to important updates and integrations, this blog will keep you informed on the new and upcoming features of all Sofware House Access control and other products.

C CURE IQ: New and Improved Software House Client Software

Software House’s unwavering commitment to innovation has led to the development of C-Cure IQ (Formerly C CURE 9000 web client), the ultimate solution for organizations seeking top-level security without compromising convenience and efficiency.

What Are the Benefits of Software House C CURE IQ?

C Cure IQ is Software House’s new alternative to the C CURE 9000 web-based client. This comprehensive software is built from the ground up to offer native video and access control integration through a single and comprehensive solution.

And that is not all! As part of your C CURE 9000 upgrade, you will get access to the latest C CURE IQ features including:

  • Day-to-day personnel administration  

  • Event monitoring 

  • Live video surveillance  

  • Forensic video search  

  • Security intelligence 

  • & more!  

What are The Latest Features of C Cure IQ?

C Cure IQ Secure Intelligence and Alarm Prioritization   

C Cure IQ Secure intelligence leverages the latest technologies to ensure your organization can respond to any alarms swiftly and efficiently. With features like Alarm Prioritization, Rule Engine, and Dynamic Risk Score, your solution will automatically adjust alarm noise to prioritize alerts in real-time and reduce false alarms.  

C Cure IQ Secure Intelligence: Spatial Intelligence

Designed to provide the utmost user and employee safety, C Cure IQ's spatial intelligence features ensure state-of-the-art business security and efficiency.

Real-Time Access Metrics 

Maximize response effectiveness and prioritize safety with Real-Time Access Metrics. Gain immediate actionable insights into each alarm, while equipping first responders with vital spatial awareness information.


Last Known Location 

Use RFID access card data to track your personnel's movement effectively with the Last Known Location feature.  Enhance your system monitoring and management capabilities by having a complete and accurate overview of your staff’s last location. 

Virtual Headcount 

Virtual Headcount allows you to keep track of every employee and guest in mustering situations to guarantee everyone's safety.  

What are C Cure’s New Video Analytics and Search Updates?

The latest C Cure IQ enhancements bring additional AI-based video search options, expanding the capabilities for both VideoEdge and ExacqVision NVRs. These updates include motion detection functionality to provide increased camera flexibility.

Now, you can leverage advanced artificial intelligence for more comprehensive video searches, empowering you to efficiently analyze and retrieve relevant footage based on motion detection criteria. These improvements not only enhance the flexibility of camera configurations but also contribute to a more robust and responsive video analytics system.

Experience more comprehensive and efficient video searches in your ExacqVision and VideoEdge NVRS thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence features. Analyze and retrieve relevant footage effortlessly, benefit from greater camera flexibility, and enjoy a more efficient and responsive video camera system.

Tag Management

With the introduction of Tag Management, users can now enhance global search capabilities by efficiently organizing objects and locations. This feature allows for a more streamlined and precise search experience, ensuring that relevant information can be easily located and retrieved. Tags provide a powerful organizational tool, contributing to an overall improvement in system efficiency.

Holiday and Schedule Management

Managing schedules and holidays is now more user-friendly with the latest C CURE IQ enhancements. Users can easily configure schedules and holidays, and a convenient preview option allows them to visualize how these configurations play out. This intuitive feature simplifies the planning and organization of system schedules, providing users with a clear understanding of the system's operation over specific time frames.

C Cure IQ Single Node Server Has Expanded Capacity and a New Architecture

With this architecture refresh, you can now scale and expand the capacity of the C CURE IQ Server on a single node. This update will not only allow you to increase the number of protected doors that can be efficiently managed by a single server, but it also enhance your system flexibility and adaptability by providing a more robust system to meet your evolving security needs.

What are the C Cure 9000 V 3.00.2 Usability Updates for 2023 and 2024?

C Cure 9000 Microsoft. Net Update

The C CURE 9000 software has undergone an upgrade, moving from Microsoft .NET Core version 3.1.1 to the innovative version 7.0. Scheduled to go live in 2024, this update ensures that C CURE 9000 software remains at the forefront of technological advancements by allowing software developers to optimize their applications and streamline their operations by leveraging the latest capabilities of Microsoft. Net.

C Cure System I/O Updates

The C CURE system series has undergone an increase in Input/Output (I/O) capabilities. This enhancement is specifically designed to support recent improvements related to OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol).

Enhanced Protection in C CURE 9000 Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

C CURE 9000 now offers superior Multi-Factor Authentication, adding an extra level of security far beyond the usual measures. With the powerful combination of DUO mobile and Ping Identity, C Cure guarantees the safety of your corporate assets by enhancing personnel identification, regardless of your preferred card or reader technology.

Secure OSDP (Open-Source Device Protocol) for Unmatched Security 

The new G2-RM-4E door modules are now equipped with a secure OSDP communication channel for heightened security and encryption. Experience automatic tamper alerts, simplified deployment, and more advanced features. Plus, with the ability to install multidrop readers, you can conveniently connect 4 readers to a single OSDP controller. 

C CURE Software FICAM Compliance (Federal Identity and Access Management Compliance) Is Now Simplified and More Resilient Requiring Less Servers

C CURE 2.90, C CURE High Assurance v2.5.0.25, and iSTAR Firmware 6.9.2 CU02 have been selected as one of the top five 13.02 Topology solutions. In addition to this recognition, the C CURE solutions have undergone significant improvements to enhance stability and resiliency.

You can now deploy a fully compliant FICAM solution without the need to purchase or manage additional servers!

Connected Partner Portal Updates

Starting from C CURE 9000 v2.80 SP9, v2.90 SP5, and v3.0, all registered integration connection GUIDs (Globally Unique Identifiers) will be inserted into the C CURE 9000 database in an effort to simplify the deployment of integrations by maintaining a record of unique identifiers associated with each integration.

Looking for Software House Support?  

Here at BTI, we have 35+ years of experience delivering state-of-the-art physical security solutions from small businesses to government, education, military, and enterprise-level organizations. BTI is an authorized Software House Partner and full-line Johnson Controls alarm, access control, and video products dealer and integrator. 

BTI can fulfill all your software house support needs including installation, software support, and upgrades, integration of Software House with intrusion alarms, CCTV video security camera systems, proactive maintenance, monitoring, and compliance.  We will ensure your security staff has the tools and expertise to reach your security and compliance objectives.

 If you are looking for a reliable, professional partner who can take care of all your physical security and compliance needs, you are in the right place! What are you waiting for to make your security solutions smarter? Contact us today to discuss your business needs!     



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