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Microsoft AI is here, what is C-Cure, All-in-one Integration & More!

Physical Security, IT Support, and Communication

Services – Manufacturing News Covers BTI

Manufacturing News Highlights BTI's Expertise in Physical Security, IT Assistance, and Communication Solutions

What do a private water utility, a historic church, and an airport parking lot operation have in common? Just like every other business or organization today, they require a combination of technologies to operate – from VoIP phone systems to IT networks, Wi-Fi, physical security, and cybersecurity.

BTI can enhance all the technologies you need to fulfill all your needs, no matter the industry you partake in.

Would you like to know how BTI helped a water utility company, a historic non-denominational church, and an airport enhance their communication, physical security, and IT infrastructure?

Look at our publication and success stories or contact us today to find out how we can help your business.

Success Stories:


What makes Software House’s C-CURE 9000 so Great?

Software House C-Cure Access Control Software

Software House C•Cure 9000 is widely seen as the most secure and reliable security management system on the market. But what exactly makes C•CURE9000 software so effective in improving critical safety? Which types of businesses and organizations is it ideal for?

Read our blog “What is Software House's C CURE 9000 & How Does it Improve Critical Safety?” to get the answers to all your questions.


Are you ready to have a security management system that enforces compliance with high-security protocols and that goes to battle against threats to safety or property in protected areas of your business?

Look at our Software House Website to discover the full line of Software House Products!


Looking to Upgrade your ShoreTel Phone System?

ShoreTel phone system in need of an upgrade or better support?

ShoreTel systems used to dominate the communication solutions market with their reliability. In 2017, Mitel swept in and acquired them, giving birth to the impressive Mitel Connect we know today.

BTI has been leading the way in ShoreTel/Mitel Connect support since 2007. We are here to assist you in upgrading your phone systems, allowing you to embrace innovative technology while enhancing both efficiency and reliability in your communications!

Do you know everything that BTI and ShoreTel / Mitel Connect have to offer? Click below to learn more!


Less Downtime Equals More Money

Less downtime equals cost savings when you partner with BTI

According to Aberdeen, data loss events like ransomware cost small organizations an average of 8,500 dollars per minute. Datto estimates that depending on the company size, downtime can cost between 10,000 per hour to 5,000,000 dollars!

Downtime can be a huge risk for businesses big and small. Thankfully, tools like BTI's Remote Monitoring & Management services have your back! Not only will we help you dodge downtime, but we’ll also help rev up your productivity while taking some weight off your IT team’s shoulders. Plus, your organization's critical data will remain safe. Now that is what I call a win-win situation!

In our blog “Benefits of BTI’s IT Remote Monitoring and Finance Management Service” you will learn the benefits of choosing BTI as your RMM partner.

Are you ready to reduce your costs and keep your data protected? Contact us now and look at our RMM website to learn more!


Microsoft Copilot a Powerful Tool for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Copilot is a whole new way to work!

On March 16, 2023, Microsoft announced a new AI tool that will allow you to boost productivity and communication inside your organization. This artificial intelligence is known as Copilot and will be embedded in all your Microsoft 365 apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, and Viva Engage in the near future.

With Copilot and Microsoft 365, you can do things like change the tone of voice of drafts, analyze data, draft responses to emails, take key notes, make resumes of missed meetings without interrupting the conversation, and more!

Microsoft Copilot is currently being tested in 20 organizations including 8 Fortune 500 enterprises. Pricing and details will be available in the coming months!

Are you ready to make the change to Microsoft 365?



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