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Why Working with an Authorized Software House Dealer is Important

Many businesses claim to be able to distribute, install, and support Software House hardware and software, but there’s a vast gulf in the quality and affordability of their services.

Authorized Software House access control dealers will always be the best option for your organization’s security, your Software House’s functionality, and your bottom line. Here are five reasons why working with an authorized Software House distributor is essential.


1. Better Pricing Upfront

An authorized Software House access control dealer will give you better pricing than an electrical contractor or construction management firm. On average, you can expect a 30% markup with those companies, as this installation often falls outside the range of their typical services.

2. Guidance for What You Really Need

With the wrong Software House dealers, unnecessary expenses will go beyond the installation costs. Software house has an extensive licensing and support skew list. That means when you seek to purchase your Software House system, you’ll discover hundreds of additional potential software add-ons and integrations on the price sheet—and that’s not even including hardware! Businesses often end up overbuying without the proper guidance. But with an authorized Software House distributor, you’ll be directed to the right products and licensing for your needs—and nothing more.

It’s a benefit that pays continued dividends. Remember, buying unneeded software services increases annual subscription prices, not just initial costs. Use an authorized Software House dealer to avoid making a compounded mistake.

3. Unlock Software House Access Control Capabilities

Software House is a highly-capable access control system for organizations with extensive needs far beyond the norm. Essentially, Software House systems should be used for more than opening and closing doors. But without an authorized Software House dealer, that’s all businesses will get from their basic installation.

Standard electrical contractors and construction management firms haven’t undergone the extensive training that allows them to make Software house’s extensive capabilities work. Software House is a premium access control option, and these systems should do more.

4. Access to Authorized Software & Hardware

Only an authorized Software House distributor can sell organizations authorized software and hardware.

Unauthorized distributors may resort to gray-market readers and panels on eBay—and this equipment may not work over time. Even if it does work, unlicensed equipment cannot be upgraded and secured, and qualified support may not be available. That can lead to significant organizational security vulnerabilities down the line.

5. The Guarantee of Quality

Software House access control system is particularly complex, and it’s meant exclusively for very-secure environments. The level of engineering and support required to provide proper support for these environments is rare.

As such, Software House is selective about who they choose to authorize as dealers. They make a concerted effort to only authorized dealers who they trust to keep their customers satisfied.

Every Software House authorized dealer has been heavily vetted and undergoes necessary ongoing education to keep up with the continued evolution of the product.

BTI: Your Authorized Software House Dealer

With Software House, you receive a top-of-the-market access control solution—but who you buy it from matters. The quality of the installation and support your access control solution receives plays a vital role in your organization’s overall security.

BTI is an authorized Software House access control dealer that takes pride in the services we provide our clients. With BTI, you receive personalized attention—not some call center or untrained support staff who come and go.

Our expert technicians know your organization’s environment and its needs. They’ll install, tweak, and adjust your system to your satisfaction—at affordable, predictable rates.

Contact BTI Communications for a free consultation or to learn more about our Software House services.


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