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What is Software House's C CURE 9000 & How Does it Improve Critical Safety?

Software House C•Cure 9000 is widely seen as the most secure and reliable security management system on the market. But what exactly makes C•CURE9000 software so effective in improving critical safety? Which types of businesses and organizations is it ideal for?

Learn all this and more in this guide to Software House C•CURE 9000.


What is C•CURE 9000 Software, and Who Owns It?

It’s a question that’s asked even by professionals in security management. Software House’s C•CURE 9000 has changed ownership hands several times, so search results will come up with products labeled Software House C•Cure 9000, Tyco Software House C•CURE 9000—and Johnson Controls, which is the current owner. Regardless of the ownership, however, Software House C•CURE 9000 has maintained a great long-standing reputation.

Additional confusion results from Software House C•CURE9000’s vast array of integrative abilities. C•CURE is a wrapper, integrating systems like Milestone or exacqVision, which can lead operators to think C•CURE is even more than it is. This is actually a testament to C•CURE software’s reliability and advanced integration abilities, as it essentially allows employees to be unaware that they’re dealing with potentially dozens of different integrations.

In reality, C•CURE9000 is a security management system that helps organize, integrate, and control the many different security and mechanical systems throughout a building for unmatched control, flexibility, and reliability.

The Critical Safety Benefits of Software House C•CURE 9000

Larger organizations frequently seek to equip their facilities with C•CURE 9000 for the following benefits.

1. Ease of Use

Software House C•CURE 9000 simplifies the integration of many complex systems into one easy-to-use platform. C•CURE 9000 allows even a small number of people to manage a large facility's mechanical, security, and visitor management services.

2. Integration

C•CURE is compatible with hundreds of different systems and products, allowing for comprehensive security protection. These include:

  • Access control

  • Alarm/Intrusion Alert

  • Biometric Reader

  • Elevator

  • Fire Alarm

  • Gunshot Detection

  • System Monitoring

  • Video Management

  • Wireless Locks

  • And much more

3. Reliability

For both Software House’s software and hardware, reliability is guaranteed. There are many instances of organizations setting up Software House systems and not needing to worry about them again for 15, 20, or even 30 years.

4. Unmatched Cybersecurity

C•CURE 9000 remains one of the best options for keeping internal security management systems safe from cyberattacks. The culmination of two decades of leadership in security management makes C•CURE 9000 software the paragon it is.

What Facilities are Best Suited for C•CURE 9000 Software?

C•CURE 9000 is ideal for large-scale security infrastructure where any slowdowns can be catastrophic. Its ultra-reliable capabilities can support tens of thousands of visitors without software failures.

It’s ideal for those looking to integrate audio systems, door alarms, and control, and have all security staff monitored and assessed. Integration with all facets of security and mechanical systems—even air conditioning.

Looking for a security management system to enforce compliance with high-security protocols, that will go to battle against threats to safety or property in protected areas of your business? C•CURE9000 is your best choice.

BTI: Suggesting the Best Security Solutions for Your Organization

BTI Communications will recommend the best security and IT solutions for your organization and its budget. As Software House C•CURE 9000 authorized partners, we have the capabilities to unlock the maximum potential of your system at a fraction of our competitors’ costs. We offer comprehensive and affordable solutions for whatever security management system you decide upon.

Learn more about news and updates in the world of communications, cybersecurity, and physical security solutions for organizations.

If you’d like a free consultation with BTI’s experts, reach out to us today.


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