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HID Card Readers: How Do They Work? Are They Right for Your Business?

Thousands of businesses around the world use HID cards as their primary security solution. To install HID cards as your primary access method, you need an HID card reader. Access control card readers are secure, easy to use, and offer an improved user experience compared to other methods like codes. But how do you know if they are right for your business? To start, let’s talk about what an access control card reader is and how they work.

What is an Access Control Card Reader?

An access control card reader is a tool used in conjunction with access control cards to allow access to an area of a company. Card readers are commonly placed on access points and restricted areas and are programmed to grant access once a access control card is placed near the badge reader. A good card reader should be weather-resistant, durable, and reliable.

How Do Access Control Cards Work with My Access Control Card Reader?

An access control card is a proximity card that works hand in hand with access control card readers. Like most ID and proximity cards, access control cards utilize proximity and are scanned by badge readers to determine if access to a certain area is granted. Access control cards, key fobs, and other RFID (radio frequency identification) cards are commonly used in access control solutions as a form of identification inside the company.

HID keypad access card reader

Access control cards utilize radio frequencies (RFID) or chips embedded into them. The cards have small radio receivers that hold encrypted information. This is personalized for each user to access certain areas when he/she passes near the access control card reader.

Which Brand of Access Control Card Readers Should I Choose?

While there are multiple access control card reader brands in the market, the most popular brand is HID. HID card readers are many business owners’ first choice for the following reasons:

  • HID Card Readers work across almost all access control system platforms.

  • HID card readers have a variety of badge readers that fit every business’s needs, no matter the size. The most popular are:

  1. HID Signo Reader 20: This HID card reader is the original card reader of HID family. HID Signo Reader 20 can support up to 20+ accredited technologies. Its ultra-secure storage makes it one of the safest HID card readers on the market.

  2. HID Signo Reader 20k: This HID card reader is ideal for those who are looking for versatility. It gives you the same security and reliability offered by the Signo Reader 20 but supports a wider range of certified technologies like cards, FOBs, and mobile devices.

  3. HID Signo Reader 40: This HID card reader is ideal for doors that require wall switch mounting. It is also perfect for those who want security, versatility, and have a significant amount of space to fill.

  4. HD Signo Rader 40k: This HID Card reader offers you the same functionality that Signo Reader 40 does but allows you to implement MFA through code.

BTI: Your Access Control Card Reader Provider

Now that you know how HID card readers work, the next step is to find the right provider and installer for your access control card reader needs. At BTI, we have decades of experience in providing top-of-the-line physical security technology for businesses and facilities. Contact us now and schedule a free business assessment!



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