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GoodPhone, The Best Cloud-Based Phone System For All Kinds of Businesses

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, having a reliable and efficient phone system is crucial for staying connected with clients, colleagues, and partners.

Traditional phone systems are being overshadowed by more flexible and cost-effective solutions, that’s why we’ve created GoodPhone, a BTI powered VoIP solution.

In this blog you will learn:

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What is GoodPhone?

GoodPhone is a comprehensive cloud-based phone system or VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) software application that allows you to easily deploy and implement a business class phone system with flexibility and scalability.

How Does the GoodPhone Cloud-Based Phone System Work?

GoodPhone is hosted in the cloud with the information kept in multiple encrypted and secure servers. Storing data in the cloud allows you to replace traditional landlines and eliminate the need for physical equipment on-site, in most cases.

With our telephony cloud phone service, you will be able to save in installation, maintenance, equipment, and support while having an enterprise-level phone system that can be deployed anywhere at anytime in your phone, tablet, or computer.

What Makes Good Phone Better Than Other Telephony Cloud Phone Services

GoodPhone has more than 70+ VoIP system features designed to take your business communication solutions to the next level.

Work From Anywhere at Anytime

Work from your office, home, or on the go without any complications!

A Business Communication System That Adapts To Your Workstyle

It does not matter if you like using a VoIP phone, your computer, tablet, or cellphone or if you like working from on-site from home, or from the beach. GoodPhone can be deployed in every device so you can work with what fits you best!

Full shot of a freelancer using cloud telephony phone services to work from the beach.

24/7/365 Support

When you choose GoodPhone as your VoIP provider, you will have a team of experts ready to solve any problem that may arise at all times.

Intuitive User Web Portal

Manage all your calls, interactions, and agents easily thanks' to our comprehensive user interface.

Call Recording

Call recording is the best VoIP system features you can have because it allows you to gain valuable business insights from all your customer interactions!

70+ Features!

Have access to all our incredible VoIP system features for the same price! Some of our extra features include:

  • Business SMS/MMS

  • Call center reports & analytics

  • Mobile app

  • Paging support

  • In call training features

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration and more!

Man using a cloud-based phone system to make a call.

What Are The Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System like GoodPhone?

GoodPhone has unique benefits when compared to other VoIP phone systems in the market. GoodPhone is:

Easy to Use:

Most telephony cloud phone services are reconstructed to fit the cloud and are not originally designed to be cloud-friendly. On the other hand, GoodPhone is a cloud-native application that was purposely built to be easy to use and deploy.

All-in-One Voice Solution:

When you choose GoodPhone as your comprehensive voice communication solution, you have full access to GoodPhone’s proven network services and extensive global coverage. With GoodPhones network we guarantee you that your phone system will have:

  • Incredible performance at all times.

  • No dropped calls.

  • World-class security.

  • The highest levels of scalability

Greater Value

Our hosted phone system is designed to do more with less. Our extensive network services allow us to offer a turnkey solutions with an all-inclusive, simple pricing, with no hidden costs.

Women using cloud based phone system video conferencing feature.

How Much Does GoodPhone Cloud-Based Phone System Cost?

Most cloud based phone system costs grow over time. Our pricing is simple and has no hidden fees. With costs as low as 24.95 per seat, paired with the elimination of you carrier bills, GoodPhone is designed to make business communication affordable, efficient, and simple.

GoodPhone cloud telephony phone services are designed to enhance your experience while lowering your expenses.

GoodPhone Cloud-Based Phone System FAQ

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, we have a 14-day free trial!

What Kind of Commitment do I Have to Make with My Cloud-Based Phone System? We have a 1 year commitment, but month-to-month options are available.

Business Phone Numbers

Can I transfer my existing phone lines to GoodPhone? Yes, you can easily transfer your numbers to GoodPhone so you can retain full ownership of your numbers at all times.

Do I Own My Newly Assigned Numbers?

Yes, all new numbers supplied are all yours as long as you have paid for at least one month of our service and your account is in good standing.

Can I Keep My Toll-Free or Local Numbers if I choose to Cancel?

Yes, you may ask your new carrier to port your toll-free or local numbers to your new service. If you cancel and do not port your numbers, after 30 days the numbers will be returned to the general numbering pool and GoodPhone cannot guarantee they will be reserved for you.

Can I Purchase an International Number?

Yes, our telephony cloud phone services are available in more than 70 countries.


How Much Time Does GoodPhone Hosted Phone System Takes to Implement?

Implementation requires coordination between GoodPhone and your IT team. Depending on your office environment, implementation typically takes between 1-6 weeks. If you do not have an IT team or specialist on staff, then consider our turnkey delivery options where we perform the entire process.

Do I Need Special Equipment to Make GoodPhone Work?

GoodPhone PBX can be delivered with its full functionality over a high-speed internet connection. No additional PBX equipment or analog phone lines are needed. You will need to be equipped with a router and a switch (in most deployments) to distribute your internet connection to all devices. A router with QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities is recommended for the best experience. Any required additional equipment will be pinpointed during our discovery process.

We recommend that you have a symmetrical 1mbps internet connection for every concurrent call you expect on your network at any given time. Many clients today consider installing a second Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connection to dedicate to their voice traffic. This removes connection oversubscription issues and allows for failover if primary internet pipe ever fails.

What Happens if My Connection Fails?

Our automatic offline call routing allows you to forward user’s calls to a predetermined number of your choice. You also always have the option to field inbound calls and make outbound calls utilizing the GoodPhone app on any smartphone or tablet.

Phone System

I Want to Use Certain Features. Can I Purchase Those Separately?

Because we believe that our customers gain the most value by using as many of our features as possible, GoodPhone is all-inclusive. You will have access to all GoodPhone’s world-class features and can choose to use only specific ones if you desire.

Can GoodPhone be Used for Contact Centers?

Yes. We have a full suite of features designed especially for contact centers to streamline call processes, increase employee productivity, and improve engagement with your customers.

How Many Minutes are Included with My Account?

Each user comes with 5,000 minutes and all minutes are pooled together. e.g., 100 users would work from a pool of 500,000 minutes. Way more minutes than 95% of all companies consume.

Can I Make International Calls?

Yes. International rates may apply. Can be restricted if desired.

Are There Any Mobile Apps Available?

Yes, the GoodPhone mobile app can be downloaded in the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Analytics & Reports

What Types of Reports Can I Generate for My Account?

GoodPhone’s award winning analytics allow reporting on call volume, traffic trends, network quality, call history, call traces, queue statistics, agent work patterns, and more.

BTI, The Cloud Based Phone System Provider Near Me

Now that you know all the benefits that GoodPhone cloud based phone system will bring to your business, what are you waiting to make the change? Contact us today and get a cloud based phone system that really support your operations and increases you ROI!



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