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DVSAnalytics: The Key to Unlocking Sales and Customer Satisfaction

As businesses continue to evolve, the importance of efficient and effective customer interactions becomes more critical. However, measuring and improving customer service metrics can be challenging, especially when dealing with large volumes of customer interactions across multiple channels. But what if I told you BTI has the tools to help with that?

In this blog, we will explore how DVSAnalytics workforce optimization solutions (WFO) and how these tools can increase your sales and customer satisfaction, and support your workforce management.

Happy call center agents looking at a camera.

What is DVSAnalytics?

DVSAnalytics is a software provider offering workforce optimization solutions to help businesses manage and analyze customer interactions and identify areas of improvement, track performance metrics, and optimize processes to improve customer satisfaction.

How does DVSAnalytics Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction?

DVSAnalytics offers several features designed to take your sales and customer satisfaction to the next level. Their amazing call center analytics will turn your customer interaction into valuable data that allows you to get valuable business insights.

Interaction Analytics

DVSAnalytics possesses incredible call center analytics designed to get the most out of your agent and customer interactions.

Call Analytics

With call analytics, searching through important information is as easy as 1-2-3. Easily categorize calls and make the work of management faster and easier to impove efficiency.

Desktop Analytics

Capture metadata from your preferred CRM to get insight into all of your customer interactions. Create transcripts, recordings, and categorizations of your best interactions to get the most out of every single call.

Speech Analytics

Take DVSAnalytics workforce optimization solution to the next level with speech analytics! Create voice to text transcriptions of calls that are searchable by keyword or phrase, monitor interactions, ensure your SOP’s are being followed, and more.

The Statistics of Customer Service, & Workforce Optimization Solutions

  1. 98% of customers believe that excellent customer service builds trust.

  2. 88% of customers believe excellent service is critical when adopting new technologies or projects.

  3. 88% of customers believe that the experience provided by a company is as important as your product or service.

  4. 83% of customers expect to interact with someone immediately when they contact a company.

  5. 94% of clients agree that a positive customer service experience makes them more likely to purchase again.

  6. Last year, 48% of customers changed brands for better customer service.

  7. 82% of customer recommend a company based on customer service.

  8. 80% of customers will forgive a customers mistake after receiving excellent customer service.

  9. 78% of customers made purchase decisions made on the quality of customer service.

BTI, The DVSAnalytics Provider Near Me

BTI has 35+ years of experience in the fields of communication, security and IT. With DVSAnalytics and BTI, you will have access to one of the best workforce optimization solutions at the best price!

BTI can also assist with the design, installation, maintenance, and support of your communication, security, and IT needs. Contact us today, and get the customized, low cost solution that your business needs at the best price!


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