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Kantech Support After Installation

If you have any experience dealing with customer support you know that most companies don’t provide the full picture in terms of customer support. Most of the time, companies have hidden terms that “protect” companies from giving you the support you need. BTI provides full A-grade support for Kantech Entrapass Software and other solutions for security, communications, and IT.

How is BTI’s Entrapass Support Different From Others?

If you read our blog “Kantech Entrapass Software Guide: Which Edition is Best for Business,” you know that Kantech Entrapass Software has 3 editions. While each edition has its own characteristics, they all are third party and backward compatible. With Kantech Entrapass software, you can utilize previous Kantech hardware and other companies’ tools to customize your access control to your specific needs.

BTI Kantech Entrapass Support Service Assists You With All Brand Components.

While access control on security doors many have multiple different branded components, basic support from product brands doesn’t include hardware that is made by different vendors. For example, Kantech’s direct support does not include support on the locking hardware, which is the component that normally fails first due to regular door usage. If that happens, you will have to contact each specific vendor of the components to figure out what is failing.

BTI offers full support including Kantech Entrapass and hardware, meaning that we support all of the components on your access control system, including the software, allowing you to eliminate the need of contacting multiple vendors to fix problems that may arise with your solution.

Setting Up Rules For Your Kantech Entrapass Software

Every business has specific security and operational needs. BTI supports you by assisting and teaching you how to set the specific rules for your Kantech Entrapass system, so you can concentrate on your operational tasks without worrying about vulnerabilities in your organization.

With Entrapass you can set up rules for your doors. For example, doors may automatically open (only an authorized employee who has registered access) from 8 am and automatically lock when it’s 5 pm, so you don’t have to rely on personnel closing your facility.

BTI can also assist with Kantech Entrapass’ more specific rules that adjust depending on your needs. Imagine it’s New Year’s Eve, and you need only specific members of your team to be present at your facility. You can manage the credentials for individuals that need to be onsite that day and deny access to the ones who are not required. You can also limit the areas they have access to so you don’t have to worry about internal problems.

BTI will also teach you how you program access levels on your Kantech Entrapass Software, so you can decide who can walk freely across all your facility and who has restricted access to specific areas of the company like server rooms.

Kantech Entrapass Troubleshooting

In the case of any Kantech Entrapass software malfunction, BTI will immediately identify what software/hardware is failing, change the component that is malfunctioning (if needed). We will advise you on what was failing, why it was failing, and what was done to fix the problem so you can have full insight on your solutions and their management.

Kantech Entrapass Management Support

We will train you and your team on how to correctly and efficiently utilize Kantech Entrapass software, so you can create custom schedules and credentials for different members of your team. We will also assist you with the creation of a list, registry of users, change of level of credentials, and elimination of credentials.

In addition, you will be taught how to create user group lists, so you can easily manage the credentials and permissions of staff of a designed area at once to save time. Remember, we will be available for you in case of any problems.

Kantech platform with BTI support

BTI’s Hardware Connectivity Monitoring

When the connection between different pieces of hardware fails, essential security operations could be in jeopardy. BTI’s Entrapass support includes 24/7 monitoring, which allows us to identify and replace the near-to-fail components to prevent system failure and business vulnerability.

BTI’s Kantech Entrapass support allows you to have a functional and monitored system 24/7, as well as cost reduction thanks to the decreased chances of failure and data breaches due to its constant monitoring and support. Remember, if you struggle with any of your Kantech Entrapass software functions we are here to help, we are just one phone call away! Would you like to know more about Kantech Entrapass Support and the benefits that working with BTI will provide you? Contact us now or schedule a free assessment!


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