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6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Business Security Systems

Updating your cloud security systems is just as important as having one in place. When your cloud security systems are not up to date, the effectiveness and security of your business solutions are significantly reduced. That’s why security experts advise that checkups and security upgrades must be regularly scheduled. This ensures that your cloud security system is optimized, security vulnerabilities are mitigated, and the risk of any system malfunctions is minimized.

But even if you maintain regular checkups, a security system will eventually stop performing effectively. How can you tell whether your business security system is becoming out of date? In this blog post, we identify the 6 signs that your security and access control solutions are in need of an upgrade.

6 signs it's time to upgrade

1. You Are Not Able to Respond Promptly to Business Needs

Business problems can come at any time with little notice. If you are unable to monitor, respond, and mitigate any threats as soon as they are identified, you need to update your current security systems. Your security systems should also support your operational activities. If you are unable to supervise your operations while protecting your employees, you need to update your security systems.

The faster you respond against a threat, the faster you can get back on track to tackle your business goals.

2. Your Cloud Security Systems are Producing False Alarms

An indicator that you need to change your current security systems is false alarms. Having one false alarm is harmless, but having continuous false alarms will bring drawbacks such as loss of productivity, loss of resources, and even police fines.

If you’ve been having false alarms lately, it’s time to upgrade your security systems or hire someone to manage them.

3. You Forgot the Last Time Your Cloud Security Systems Were Upgraded

Like all current products, security systems have a life cycle. Once that life cycle is done, your security systems start to develop more and more vulnerabilities. Once that life cycle is complete, the necessary parts to fix or maintain your current security system may not be produced anymore. This means increased costs to maintain an outdated system and threats to business that can be extremely expensive.

The average life cycle of a security system is 10 years. If you don’t remember the last time you updated your security and access control solutions, you can conduct an audit to see if your system is worth keeping or if an upgrade is necessary.

4. Your Business is Growing

Did your business grow significantly since your security system was installed? Did you feel the need to change or add a new location because business is booming? Security must grow as a business does. Keeping a small business safe is very different from maintaining security in an organization with multiple locations and hundreds of employees.

If you are expanding or planning to in the near future, you need to evaluate your infrastructure to make sure your current security systems match your business safety needs.

5. You Have More Visitors on Your Property

Are you experiencing an increase in foot traffic on your company premises? Your cloud security system should match the traffic your organization deals with. If your security system is not prepared to support your current business traffic your organization becomes vulnerable to threats. This can result in the loss of new and current clients and consequently revenue.

6. Your Security Systems Are Not Secure Enough

Today’s trespassers are smarter than ever, and some have the knowledge to invade your premises without being detected. To protect the physical and digital assets on your properties, you need to have backup power and communications systems. Cloud security systems will help you integrate your solutions, meaning complete protection and easy management onsite.

The Benefits of Upgraded Business Security Solutions

Having the appropriate security systems can also help your organization:

  • Support your business operations

  • Ensure the protection of visitors and employees

  • Ensure your business is compliant

  • Help you gain valuable insight into business procedures

  • Protect your valuable assets, sensitive data, and premises

BTI: Your Solution for Business IT, Security, and Communications

Whether it’s cloud video security, cloud-based physical access control, or any other type of security system, BTI is here to help. Our primary goal at BTI is to deliver our clients the foremost level of technical quality and operational reliability that can be delivered on budget.

We treat your business’ security as our own. That’s why we offer reliable and decentralized solutions that grant real power and choice to our users. If you would like to have a team that takes care of all your IT, security, and communication needs for a reasonable price, contact us to schedule a free consultation.


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