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5 Reasons to Buy Milestone VMS Software for Government Agency Security


When it comes to implementing video management systems, government agencies have special needs that go beyond the scope of typical commercial requirements.

Government agencies tend to oversee facilities with needs that are notoriously varied. The same agency that oversees a facility with thousands of cameras and access control switches in Washington, D.C. might also manage a single, solar-powered camera in the Alaskan wilderness. As such, agencies require video management software solutions that are scalable, adaptable, and secure.

Milestone video management software checks all three boxes, and it continues to be the most popular VMS for government agencies. Here are 5 reasons why Milestone VMS is uniquely equipped to address government agencies' scalability, adaptability, and security needs.

1. Milestone VMS Meets All Government Security Requirements

Few VMS services can meet the government’s requirements for security. Since video management systems at government institutions can mean a matter of national security, the continued security of video feeds is essential—whether on-premise or via online transmission through the cloud.

Milestone’s VMS uniquely secures all communication between servers, devices, and clients. With TLS/SSL with asymmetric encryption, Milestone XProtect encryption authenticates, secures, and manages the secure transfer of video data in both on-premise and cloud servers.

2. A Wide Array of Integrations

Milestone VMS is at the top of the market for third-party integrations. Milestone VMS easily pairs with a multitude of access control, burglar alarm, and other integrations that contribute to the safety and security of government facilities.

With over 1100 camera integrations, Milestone VMS also pairs with existing camera and access control architecture so that even facilities equipped with legacy technology can seamlessly upgrade systems with Milestone video software.

3. Effective for Mix and Match Arrangements

Milestone VMS is ideal for government agencies that oversee distributed environments with complex needs for managing servers. Milestone XProtect allows agencies to allow as many as thousands of employees to do video surveillance from satellite settings without the exorbitant costs and labor of installing and maintaining XProtect on each of their computers.

While cloud sharing is a popular idea for VMS, it can be cost-prohibitive in practice. Between bandwidth and storage costs in the cloud, it often isn’t practical to upload vast amounts of high-resolution, high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive video.

Fortunately, with Milestone Kite, agencies can save video data on the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid servers. This way, video management systems can be managed cost-efficiently, whether they oversee a solar-powered camera on a 5G modem in Alaska or 100 cameras in a Utah detention facility.

4. Elite Security Management

Milestone Rapid Review is state-of-the-art VMS technology that makes reviewing footage simple and time-effective, and it is already becoming an invaluable tool in security and crime enforcement. Milestone video software operators can now review weeks of video data in moments to pull instances of specific visual cues, including license plate numbers, or the color of clothing or a car.

Milestone Systems may have been around for decades, but they continue to make advances that keep Milestone VMS current in the rapidly-advancing realm of physical security solutions.

5. Easy Pairs with Axis Cameras & Access Control

Errors in access control can lead to serious safety and security risks. Even the most advanced solutions can be unpredictable when paired with incompatible hardware and software.

When it’s a police department, detention facility, or any other government facility that needs reliable security and access control solutions, Milestone VMS is an ideal choice for keeping security seamless.

Axis Communications’ pairing with Milestone is well-established (both are owned by parent company Canon), and their compatibility minimizes errors or issues that arise through disparate technology solutions.

BTI: Your Advanced Milestone VMS Provider

Your Milestone VMS system is only good as its installer and support team. BTI Communications Group has 35 years of experience installing, servicing, and monitoring VMS security solutions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and across the United States.

VMS integrations can be complicated—but BTI makes them simple. We allow companies to take full advantage of the vast array of capabilities that Milestone offers, allowing their systems to be as advanced, efficient, and effective as possible.

With BTI’s detailed invoices and quotes, there are never surprises or upcharges to worry about. And with all our all-inclusive services and cross-disciplinary technicians, we offer everything needed to ensure the highest-quality VMS security solutions. Schedule a free consultation today.


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