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GlobalView Support for Managed VoIP Services with Hardware, and Software Assistance

BTI’s GlobalView Support for VoIP systems is the ultimate partnership for your business communication solutions.  Designed for businesses of all sizes, our services focus on maintaining, optimizing, and securing your VoIP and communication systems. Our expert team is committed to delivering continuous assistance, ensuring seamless connectivity and collaboration for your business.

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Boost ROI with BTI's GlobalView Support for Unified Communications

The potential return on investment (ROI) from a finely tuned and maintained unified communications (UC) system can vary depending on various factors such as the organization's size, industry, current communication infrastructure, and specific business goals. However, implementing a well-optimized UC system can provide several potential benefits, leading to a positive ROI. Some potential ROI areas for a finely tuned and maintained UC system include: 

Cost savings

By consolidating various communication tools and services into a single UC solution, organizations can save costs associated with multiple service providers, maintenance, and integration efforts. 

Increased productivity and efficiency

A well-tuned UC system can streamline processes, reduce the need for manual intervention, and improve collaboration among teams. This can result in increased productivity and efficiency across the organization. 

Improved customer satisfaction

UC enables enhanced communication with customers through various channels, including voice, video, chat, and email. Prompt and efficient customer service can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


of IT Professionals waste 8-10 hours a week managing and solving unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) issues for their organizations.


of businesses have reduced IT spending by an average of $161K a year by eliminating redundant apps and shifting to providers with support for UC&C solutions.


of businesses owners consider workplace issues to be the direct result of inadequate communication tools*


of businesses report increased mobile worker productivity and faster problem resolution due to unified communications*

Interoperability Streamlines Work and Reduces Costs

The need to navigate between various distinct systems can significantly slow down employees and create frequent interruptions. BTI supports systems with seamless integration to help save time, effort, and financial resources.

Enhanced collaboration and teamwork

UC tools such as instant messaging, video conferencing, and document sharing facilitate seamless collaboration among employees, regardless of their physical location. This can lead to improved teamwork and faster decision-making processes. 

Flexibility and Mobility

With an optimized UC system, employees can stay connected and access communication tools from anywhere, using multiple devices. This flexibility can enable remote work, improve work-life balance, and attract talent. 

Employees lose



a year toggling between apps*

of businesses report employees are overwhelmed by the number of communication solutions available to them.**


In fact

Managed VoIP Services with BTI's GlobalView Support

With BTI's GlobalView support for VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) solutions, you gain access to expert guidance, including help with purchasing decisions. Leveraging over 35 years in IT support, we've built relationships with premier providers, enabling us to offer you top deals. This expertise translates into significant business savings and optimized unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) strategies.

24/7/365 Technical Support

Round-the-clock technical support for VoIP services.

Our dedicated helpdesk provides immediate assistance any time, day or night. This service is crucial for addressing unexpected issues and minimizing downtime, ensuring your VoIP system remains functional and reliable around the clock.

System Maintenance

Regular maintenance of VoIP and communication systems.

Regular maintenance is key to the longevity and efficiency of your VoIP system. Our team conducts scheduled checks and updates to prevent technical glitches, optimize performance, and ensure your system aligns with the latest technological standards.

Security Management

Security management for VoIP communication systems.

With BTI's dedicated support, your VoIP system is protected from internet-based security threats. Preventing unauthorized access and data breaches to maintain communication system reliability and ensure uninterrupted, secure operations.

Benefits of managed voice services

Key Features of GlobalView Support for Business Communications

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring & Availability: Continuous monitoring ensures reliability and security of your communication systems.

  • Rapid Response to Issues: Immediate action on any communication system alerts for swift resolution.

  • Integrated Communication Solutions: Ensures seamless operation within your overall VoIP and communication infrastructure.

  • Regular System Maintenance: Keeps your communication systems operating without interruption.

Communication Products & Services We Manage with GlobalView Support

Mitel logo - BTI support partner for VoIP solutions
ShoreTel logo - Supported business communication systems by BTI
Teams logo - BTI supports Microsoft Teams for collaborative solutions.
Cisco logo - BTI supports Cisco in networking and telecommunication.
DVS logo - BTI supports DVSAnalytics for workforce optimization.
RingCentral logo - BTI supports RingCentral's cloud communication services.
8x8 logo - BTI supports 8x8 for integrated communication solutions.
goodphone logo - BTI supports Goodphone for sustainable telecom.
Comcast logo - BTI supports Comcast Business for networking services.
Zultys logo - BTI supports Zultys in unified communication solutions.
Verizon logo - BTI supports Verizon for wireless business solutions.
Five9 logo - BTI supports Five9 for cloud contact center software.
Spectrum logo - BTI supports Spectrum in telecommunication services.
Frontier logo - BTI supports Frontier for business fiber internet solutions.
AT&T logo - BTI supports AT&T Business in telecommunications.
IntelePeer logo - BTI supports IntelePeer in customer communication automation.

VoIP and Contact Center

Tailored support for VoIP systems and contact center operations, including AI and automation solutions.


Business SMS

Assistance with integrating and managing SMS services for effective business communication.

Network Infrastructure

Providing optimized network and server configurations for businesses supporting remote and on-site workforce.

Paging Systems

We support paging systems, guaranteeing efficient internal communication.

Voice Conferencing Solutions

Our assistance ensures your voice conferencing systems are optimized for clear and effective remote collaboration.

Cellular Signal Boosting

Boost productivity with stronger signal support, increasing bandwidth and capacity with Wi-Fi an cell coverage GAP remediation.

Eric Brackett's Insight on Skyrocketing ROI with BTI's Proven Support & Business Model

This brief video features Eric Brackett, the Founder and President of BTI, discussing how the company delivers significantly higher returns on investment (ROI). He explores the critical role of BTI's solutions and GlobalView Support in enhancing business growth, efficiency, and ROI results.

Why Choose BTI as Your GlobalView Support for UC Provider?

  • Extensive Experience: Over three decades in the field of communication and VoIP solutions.

  • All-inclusive Support: Covering all aspects of your VoIP and communication hardware and software.

  • 24/7 IT Support: Always available to ensure your communication systems are up and running.

  • Certified and Approved: A recognized contractor with essential certifications.

  • Compliance Specialists: Ensuring your communication systems meet all regulatory standards.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage: $10 million in coverage for all potential risks in communication solutions.

Contact us for UC sales and support! 562-298-5000

What Our Customers About our GlobalView Support for Communication Services

BTI consistently solves IT challenges that our staff doesn't have the skill or time for. Their installation team is excellent and their support always makes sure all of our issues are solved.

Jonathon Huff

The Moody Church

BTI has been exactly what our growing company has needed for so long! They provide friendly, professional service and have consistently been willing to go above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Rebecca Gadomski

Edgewood Clinical

The entire team at BTI has exceeded my expectations. They took my company to the technology and security level I needed.

Dave Tourje

Alpha Structural, Inc.

BTI is a UC Support Company with High Level Certifications

Proactive Communication & VoIP Support

BTI’s proactive monitoring and maintenance of Communication systems ensure potential issues are detected and resolved early, minimizing downtime. This approach reduces the need for emergency repairs, leading to significant cost savings in VoIP management.

Call or text us today to learn more about GlobalView Support for UC. 562-298-5000

GlobalView Support for VoIP & Communication Products and Services Near You

Communication Support Services in Los Angeles

Navigate the vibrant business scene of Los Angeles with BTI’s specialized GlobalView Communication & VoIP support services. Our solutions are custom-designed for businesses in Hollywood, Downtown LA, and surrounding areas, providing unparalleled voice clarity, efficient call management, and robust network support for your VoIP needs.

BTI in Los Angeles, CA
BTI in Chicago, IL

Communication Support Services in Chicago

Elevate your business in Chicago with BTI’s comprehensive GlobalView Support for VoIP managed services. Our proactive support extends from the Loop to the suburbs, ensuring your VoIP infrastructure aligns with your business objectives, offering seamless communication, robust server maintenance, and responsive network support.

Communication Support Services in Phoenix

Phoenix's dynamic business scene finds a reliable partner in BTI's GlobalView Support for managed VoIP services and communication systems. Our commitment to delivering reliable contact center support, call management, and network care is specifically designed to address the unique demands of Arizona's diverse business sectors.

BTI in Phoenix

Call Or Text Any of Our Locations to Request More Information

BTI Downers Grove

1441 Branding Ave Suite #200

Downers Grove, IL 60515

p. 312-432-5300

BTI Santa Fe Springs

12155 Mora Drive, Suites #1&2

Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670

p. 562-298-5000

BTI Phoenix

615 N 48th St, Suite #1048

Phoenix, AZ 85008
p. 602-733-6807


What range of communication systems does BTI support?

BTI supports a wide range of systems, from VoIP and call centers to advanced communication automation solutions.

Does BTI offer training for teams to use VoIP systems effectively?

Yes, we provide comprehensive training and resources to ensure your team can fully leverage the VoIP system capabilities.

How does BTI ensure seamless operation of complex communication systems?

We provide comprehensive support and regular maintenance to ensure uninterrupted operations of all communication systems.

What types of businesses can benefit from BTI's GlobalView VoIP Support?

BTI's VoIP manged services are suitable for businesses of all sizes, offering tailored solutions to meet diverse communication needs of single office, to multi-site, and global operations.

How does BTI's GlobalView support contribute to the efficiency of call centers?

Our support enhances call center operations with optimized communication flows and advanced automation tools.

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