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Healthcare Security Systems & Solutions

Create an Environment of Care that ensures unparalleled safety for patients, staff, visitors, and assets with our cutting-edge, healthcare security systems and solutions. With over 35 years of expertise, we're the trusted choice for top-tier protection & compliance.


Our Services

We Deliver Secure, Compliant, and Effective Healthcare Security Systems & Solutions

Close-up of an Axis cameras in hospital and healthcare applications.

Leverage the latest healthcare video surveillance systems to proactively safeguard your patients and staff, and ensure complete situational awareness.

Women using healthcare access control solution to access a hospital

Safeguard your healthcare facility by restricting access to sensitive areas, providing real-time monitoring, and streamlining your security protocols.

Close up of the interface of a healthcare alarm system

Deter break-ins, alert authorities to emergencies, and provide crucial time for evacuation in case of emergency.


Combine all your security systems into a single and centralized healthcare security solution that complies with Environment of Care and Joint Commission Standards.


Get 24/7 remote monitoring, proactive maintenance, and ongoing updates for your security solutions to ensure optimal performance, industry compliance, and peace of mind.


Leverage the latest healthcare security systems to proactively safeguard your assets and ensure complete situational awareness.

Public Spaces Security

RMM as A Service

Gain instant oversight of your healthcare security system's performance to ensure swift detection and response to potential threats. Stay compliant and focused on patient care while we streamline your security operations.

RMM as a Service Dashboard for healthcare security solutions

Our The Challenges of Healthcare Providers:

Securing Your Healthcare Facility with BTI

The healthcare industry juggles numerous security concerns that directly impact patient safety, staff well-being, and regulatory compliance.


Here at BTI Communications Group, we understand the unique challenges you face, and how traditional security solutions for healthcare often fall short.

Create an Environment of Care

We understand that the heart of an exceptional healthcare experience lies in the environment of care. That is why our state-of-the-art security systems are designed with precision to enhance every aspect of your healthcare facility.


Our healthcare security systems and solutions go beyond cleanliness and infection control. They ensure safety, privacy, and more, empowering you to create the ideal care environment for your medical facility.

24/7/365 Support

Our security experts are available 24/7/365 to resolve any security concerns that may arise. Whether it is a system malfunction, a security breach attempt, or simply a technical assistance issue, our experts are ready to mitigate all threats.

Leading Edge Healthcare Security Solutions

BTI Communications Group empowers healthcare facilities with next-generation security systems, creating a safer environment for staff, patients, and residents.


Our integrated solutions provide unmatched visibility and control, streamlining security operations and ensuring compliance with medical industry regulations.

35+ Years of Experience in the Medical Field

With 35+ years of experience securing the medical and pharmaceutical industry BTI healthcare physical security solutions are tailored to meet the demands of the health industry with ease.

Why Choose BTI’s Healthcare Security Services

All Our Healthcare Security Solutions Meet the Medical Industry Compliance Standards


Healthcare Related Insights

BTI is a Top-Rated Healthcare Security Company

BTI consistently solves IT challenges that our staff doesn't have the skill or time for. Their installation team is excellent and their support always makes sure all of our issues are solved.

Jonathon Huff

The Moody Church

BTI has been exactly what our growing company has needed for so long! They provide friendly, professional service and have consistently been willing to go above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Rebecca Gadomski

Edgewood Clinical

The entire team at BTI has exceeded my expectations. They took my company to the technology and security level I needed.

Dave Tourje

Alpha Structural, Inc.


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