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Never Lose Your Data Again: Secure & Budget-Friendly Backup & Recovery Services & Solutions

Stay one step-ahead from data disasters with BTI’s solutions. Safeguard your business with secure, customizable, and affordable backup and disaster recovery services.

99.999% of uptime!

The Benefits of BTI’s Backup & Recovery Services

No More Downtime

Designed to protect and rapidly restore your information systems after any disruption, our solution ensures your business stays operational, resilient, and ready to face the next challenge without worrying about downtime or cyberthreats.

Guaranteed Continuity

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (DR) (BCDR) solutions do more than simple backups. We offer a fully redundant system tailored to ensure your business bounces back swiftly from any emergency.

The best part? 99% of uptime.

RMM as a service from BTI for IT management & BCDR solutions

Tap Into Cost Efficient IT

BTI’s RMM as a Service reduces costs, streamlines tasks, and optimizes resources for business growth.

What are Backup and Recovery Services?

Backup and recovery services protect your business data by creating and safeguarding copies of your business data and allowing you to safely restore critical information if the original is lost, damaged, or attacked by malware.

Co-managed IT solutions with your BCDR experts, BTI Communications Group.

A Complete Recovery Just a Click Away

At BTI, we don’t just wait for problems to happen—we prevent them. With around-the-clock monitoring and automatic repairs, our backup and disaster recovery services ensure your data is secure and always available when you need it.

24/7/365 Support & Monitoring

Gain clear visibility into your entire BCDR operations, ensuring your data management is not only effortless but accurate. Our compliance experts align with your internal protocols and external compliance demands to adhere to your specific compliance requirements. Not enough? BTI’s GlobalView Support can take care of all your IT, VoIP, Physical security, and compliance needs for a low price!

Unlimited Security Layers

Our innovative solution replicates your essential data across several secure data centers, ensuring that not a single bit of your valuable information is at risk of loss. Worried about your data safety?

Keep Calm! Your backups are securely tucked away in fortified data centers, and every piece of your data complies with top security standards—no matter how many locations it's stored in.

Get lighting fast data replication with BTI's BCDR solutions.

Rapid Data Recovery

Experience Lightning-Fast Replication

Minimize downtime, get back to peak performance with just a click.

99.99% Uptime: Experience Unparalleled Reliability with Our BCDR solutions

Keeping your data safe, secure, and operational is our main priority. Our service not only promises a robust disaster recovery plan but also guarantees the utmost protection for your organization's priceless data and applications.

BTI’s backup and recovery services includes:

Cloud Replication: Store Your Data Locally & In the Cloud

Seamlessly replicate your valuable data locally and in the cloud to armor it against system failures, natural calamities, and human error.

Business Continuity: Ensure Your Business Remains Operational Regardless of Hiccups

Our backup and continuity services include a business continuity plan to ensure that your business remains operational regardless of what challenges come your way.

IT & Regulatory Vendor


BTI compliance specialists are here to ensure you comply with your industry compliance requirements regardless of your business vertical.

Data Snapshots: Have The Most Recent & Reliable Information Available at a Click Away

Capture and maintain historical evidence from your data to ensure your most current information is always available. Customize the frequency of your snapshots to meet your specific compliance or data security needs.

Secure Your Business with Data and Recovery Services

Data and recovery will not only shield your business from unexpected downtime or human error. Having a BCDR solution in place will also boost your overall cybersecurity and physical security measures.

Eliminate Cyberthreats

Minimize downtime and keep your business thriving, even in the face ransomware, malware, and other digital disasters.

Meet Your Compliance Requirements

Tailored to align with your unique business needs, ensuring your data isn't just stored, but secured to the highest standards.

Additional Data Backup and Recovery Services

BTI is your one stop-shop for all your data, backup, continuity, and recovery services. Explore our data and recovery service portfolio to find the solution that suits you best!

Software Provider Services

Get software at below market rate prices.

Cloud Backup Services

Get software at below market rate prices.

Protect Against Natural Disaster

Don't let a natural disaster be the end of your critical data. BTI safeguards your business and to ensure your data is always safe.

Disaster recovery as a service for business continuity.

Take BCDR to the next level. Let us handle the complexities of Disaster recovery services so you can focus on critical business operations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS)

What Our Clients Say About Our Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

BTI consistently solves IT challenges that our staff doesn't have the skill or time for. Their installation team is excellent and their support always makes sure all of our issues are solved.

Jonathon Huff

The Moody Church

BTI has been exactly what our growing company has needed for so long! They provide friendly, professional service and have consistently been willing to go above and beyond to ensure our complete satisfaction.

Rebecca Gadomski

Edgewood Clinical

The entire team at BTI has exceeded my expectations. They took my company to the technology and security level I needed.

Dave Tourje

Alpha Structural, Inc.

Ready to Increase Your Peace of Mind?

Contact the BTI team to get world-class backup and recovery services.

RMM as a Service

Say goodbye to sleepless nights worrying about the security and reliability of your backups and IT infrastructure.

With our vigilant monitoring, we ensure every piece of your valuable data is updated, backed up securely and regularly, shielding your operations from unforeseen disruptions or failures while taking the weight off the shoulders of your IT team!


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Difference Between Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Backup is the process of creating copies from the existing data and documents stored within your network. Recovery is the process of utilizing existing backups to recover damaged or lost information.

What makes BTI’s Backup, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery Solutions Effective?  

BTI prides itself on a backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan that is specific to your business needs and IT environment, beginning with the end in mind. BTI will help you identify and evaluate risks, document critical assets, determine what specific backups and plans are needed, and implement the BCDR solutions that best fit your company's needs and budget. 


In addition, we offer remote monitoring and management of backups to ensure you meet all industry best practices and audit standards for your systems’ operational performance 100% of the time.  

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