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Boosting Chicago Cornea's Consultants Business Communication System

Close-up of a women getting treatment with Chicago eye surgeon.

Effective business communication systems are vital for successful collaboration, especially within the healthcare industry. With the delicate nature of medical procedures and the critical importance of accurate information, effective communication between health specialists, their teams, and their clients is paramount.

Chicago Cornea Consultants is the home of Chicago’s leading cornea, cataract, and corneal specialists. Recently, they needed to expand their suite and acquire the suite next door. However, before doing so, they recognized that they would need to expand their technology into their new space to continue meeting their business communication needs.

BTI is always thrilled to work with the outstanding team at Chicago Cornea Consultants. To get this expansion completed, they reached out to us again for additional collaboration. Here's how it all played out.

New Building, New Business Communication Systems?

When it comes to setting up a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system in a new building, there are a few things to keep in mind. While this technology will save you money and provide advanced communication capabilities, it's crucial to plan and pay close attention to the installation process.

Thanks' to the flexibility offered by BTI’s Mitel Business Communication solution, Chicago Cornea was able to re-install their previously owned Mitel phones into their new location, allowing them to save money instead of investing on a new business communication system

Close-up Mitel Business Phone System inside an office and on a table.

Business Communication System That Never Stop

Our amazing IT engineer, Tom Trickle, worked tirelessly and installed the new phones in the new location and ensured that the Chicago Corneas business communication solution continued working at the highest standards.

A total of 12 operational phones were installed in this new location and now are up and running and providing Chicago Cornea the world-class communication system that their customers and associates need.

BTI, The Business Communication Provider Near Me

Are you looking for a communication provider that offers world-class business communication systems, unmatched support, and below-market-rate prices?

BTI Communications Group is the right partner for your business. Whether you are in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Phoenix, we can help you with all your IT, communication, and physical security needs!

Contact us today and schedule a free business assessment!


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