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6 Ways Software House Enterprise Access Control Systems Provide Better Security

For enterprise access control systems, reliably tracking visitors entering and leaving a building is the bare minimum. But many organizations have needs that go far beyond the norm. Whether it’s tens of thousands of unique visitor events or protected areas and particularly complex privileges, certain organizations’ needs can’t be covered by just any enterprise access control system. And that’s why those organizations choose Software House high-security access control.

Software House is uniquely capable of servicing even the most complex of organizations’ enterprise access control needs. But why is Software House so highly regarded, and what unique benefits does it offer organizations with demanding security needs?

Here are six ways Software House’s enterprise access control provides some of the highest capabilities of the access control security sector.


1. Ease of Use

Ease of use is an often underrated component of a security interface. Yet usability is fundamental to an enterprise access control system’s overall security. If operators cannot properly use or understand an interface, it creates a critical security vulnerability.

Software House is known for its ease of use, simplifying complex systems so that all security operators can effectively do their jobs.

2. Capability to Manage Many Visitor Events

Software House enterprise access control systems can effectively monitor tens of thousands of unique visitor events at any given time—without any drop-off in security.

This is perhaps one of the most remarkable capabilities of Software House and why it continues to be a top choice among the largest facilities and organizations.

3. Reliability

Enterprise access control is fundamental to an organization’s safety, security, and daily operations—and few systems that are as important. With Software House access control, organizations can essentially take many physical security facets for granted.

There are even cases of organizations having Software House servers or software set up for 15, 20, or even 30 years without requiring serious maintenance or experiencing shutdowns.

4. Integration

Software House’s software continues to be one of the most integrative options available, with hundreds of different integrations. Alarms, building mechanical processes, video surveillance, and far more find easy integration into Software House’s C•CURE 9000 enterprise access control systems.

5. Forethought

Each component of Software House hardware and software was developed with great forethought regarding integrations and future developments. Integration is not only possible, it’s also remarkably consistent even throughout a wide array of products and brands.

Not all integration is the same, and few problems and incompatibilities arise with Software House.

6. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in access control is paramount—but not all systems can be counted on to provide the highest levels of protection.

Software House’s panels, readers, and cards are probably impossible to hack with today's technology. Simply put, this level of safety is rare in the entire field of cybersecurity. The culmination of two decades of leadership in the access control space makes Software House the high-security access control solution it is.

BTI: Your Authorized Software House Access Control Provider

Software House access control is ideal for organizations with the most demanding security requirements. BTI Communications is your authorized Software House dealer, installer, and servicer, capable of servicing your Software House high-security access control system however you need.

Are you interested in installing Software House access control, upgrading your current system, or looking for more cost-effective service? BTI can provide the right system and service for your security needs and budget.

Reach out to us for a free consultation today.


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