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5 Ways Axis Cameras Support Safe Food Industry Surveillance

The food industry is one of the most demanding businesses in the market. Managers need to take into consideration thousands of variables in order to ensure that their products meet the maximum quality and safety standards to commercialize their products. Due to the high standards that the food industry laws require, security measures need to be stricter than other industries.

Axis camera providing visibility to help food safety

The food industry is vulnerable to a wide variety of threats. Failing to comply with the law, food poisoning, and employee injuries are only some of the problems that can be encountered in production processes.

Thanks to the high-volume foot traffic that food manufacturers deal with daily, the food industry is also vulnerable to theft, fraud, damaged equipment, and more. Thankfully, tools like Axis cameras can keep your premises safe.

1. Axis Cameras Support Your Current Surveillance System

If your business already has an access control system or security guards to keep your premises safe, Axis cameras will increase the level of onsite security. Axis camera analytics like license plate recognition will allow you to keep track of incoming and outgoing vehicles so that you can act in case of damage or accidents that may occur while transporting food products.

Other Axis camera analytics like face detection allows you to easily keep track of who comes out of your business and when. With face detection, you have identifying evidence in case of theft or other disturbances.

2. Axis Cameras Support Optimal Operational Processes

If cameras are placed at strategic points inside your premises, you can monitor your employees’ performance, production processes, and more. Axis camera analytics such as motion detection can be integrated with audio systems to advise your employees of any malfunction as well.

3. Axis Cameras are Flexible

When integrated with Axis Camera Station, Axis cameras are able to run on a virtual server. This means business owners can easily expand their systems as they need to adapt to new processes that will improve their current production systems.

4. Axis Cameras Ensure Compliance with Workplace Safety Protocols

Axis camera integration capabilities allow you to combine your IP cameras with your surveillance systems. This allows for increased security measures and ensures employees are compliant with the law and your company’s workplace safety protocols.

Food contamination can easily shut down a company for good. Installing cameras in production lines, food storage areas, decontamination rooms, and packaging areas will ensure that mandatory safety rules are followed and increase customer confidence in your products.

If you integrate your camera systems with other solutions like Axis access control, you can easily regulate who has access to determined areas. This gives you an extra layer of protection.

5. Work Smarter Not Harder with Axis Cameras

Besides the previously mentioned Axis camera analytics, Axis products have multiple smart features that will boost your operational efficiency while keeping the highest standards of security. Some of those features include:

  • Axis People Counter

  • Axis Queue Monitor

  • Axis Object Analytics

  • Axis Motion Guard

  • Axis Face Detection & more

BTI: Provider of Axis Cameras and Axis Camera Analytics Support Specialist

With Axis cameras, the possibilities are endless! Are you ready to boost your security while increasing your operational efficiency? Contact us now and schedule a free business assessment!


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