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The Top 9 Safety Analytics Features of Axis Cameras

Axis cameras are one of the leading security camera options for business safety. The reliability, flexibility, forensic detail, and top-quality build make Axis the go-to for many business owners who are looking to tighten up their security measures inside their organization.

Axis Cameras also have unique analytic features that can benefit your business in unimaginable ways. If you are looking to raise your security standards and operational efficiency, Axis camera analytics has features that can help your business.

top analytics from axis cameras

Axis Analytics for Business Safety

Axis Live Privacy Shield

Maintaining privacy in your organization should be one of your top priorities. Axis Privacy Shield analytics allows you to remotely monitor all your business's activity while safeguarding your organization’s privacy.

With Axis Business’ safety feature, you can mask moving objects, faces, and backgrounds to maintain the highest levels of privacy in sensitive areas of your company. Its AI-based dynamic masking also allows you to mask specific areas in your camera’s field of view.

This can be useful for food companies that want to protect their employee’s identity but at the same time want to monitor the activity of their conveyor belt.

Axis Fence Guard

Fence guard analytics allows you to set a predefined virtual line that is triggered once an object crosses over that line. This application is ideal for detecting intrusion in low-traffic areas during or after business hours. It also allows you to set a specific response once an event is triggered such as turning the lights on once movement is detected or sending an email to your security team in case of intrusion.

Axis Loitering Guard

Axis cameras also have loitering analytics to ensure the safety of your organization no matter what the circumstance. Tracking objects inside a designated area will trigger an alert if the object has remained inside the area for too long.

This tool is perfect for loitering detection in semi-public areas such as parking zones, school yards, and fenced spaces. To reduce false alarms, axis loitering analytics analyzes movement while also filtering out ordinary motion.

Axis Object Analytics

This feature allows you to analyze the spatial behavior of objects inside a scene. Axis cameras' machine learning and deep learning capabilities allow users to classify humans from different kinds of objects and vehicles. Suspicious positions and objects can also be detected with this feature.

Axis Face Detector

Axis Face detection analytics identifies faces in live video to give the visitor the illusion that they are being closely monitored. This AI feature allows you to save money because you don’t need to purchase expensive face-detection software. It also deters crime and creates a sense of security for both employers and customers.

Axis Barcode Reader

You can easily manage permissions and temporary access with Axis barcode reader analytics. Turn your selected cameras and intercoms into an efficient QR code reader so that you can get rid of physical cards and FOBs.

Axis License Plate Verifier

This is ideal for vehicle access control scenarios and slow-speed traffic. Axis license plate verifier analytics can detect and read license plates, manage access to parking lots, identify stolen vehicles, and create block lists to restrict access to certain vehicles.

Axis Motion Guard

Axis motion guard analytics helps you detect movement in predefined areas of your company. This means you can implement and modify responses to event triggers to ensure the safety of your organization! Send alerts, video footage, and other security alerts to deter unwanted visitors in your organization.

Axis Speed Monitor

Would you like to gain valuable insight into road usage? Axis Speed Monitor connects with Axis security radar in your visual camera giving you access to unique analytics like vehicle speeds. Its color-coded overlays make identifying speeding cars easier.

Data can also be complemented with other analytics from your Axis camera to gain better insights.

At BTI we have more than 35 years of experience in the field of IT, security, and communications. We are a trusted Axis Gold partner and we have the knowledge and expertise you need to install, manage, and maintain your preferred solutions! Besides security benefits, Axis cameras also offer operational benefits that can boost your overall production. Contact us to learn more!


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