For Large-Scale Integration, There's No Substitute for "Experience"

The BTI network camera product line offers easy-to-use, high-performance solutions for a wide range of applications in the area of video surveillance. ION IP cameras incorporate CCD image sensors with resolutions from VGA to 20 mega pixels including H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG compression. An ultra-compact, all-metal housing with a form factor of 1.14"x1.73" (29mm x 44mm) makes these the smallest IP cameras in their class.

The BTI cameras meet the market's requirements for exceptional image quality and an excellent price/performance ratio Now you can elevate your security to a whole new level with Advanced Integrations BTI Technology Total security management systems.

Our large, medium and small scale integration solution utilizes advanced technologies in intrusion detection, electronic access control, and video surveillance. We can configure and implement an integrated IP Based CCTV solution that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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