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Scalable Surveillance & Physical
Security System Solutions

If you want a complete and scalable physical security system, BTI Communications Group has you covered. 

The Moody Church Camera Project

Want to see our scalable physical security system solutions in action? Check out our video showing how we completed a large security camera project at a historic downtown Chicago church.

High-Value, Low-Cost Physical Security

BTI offers a comprehensive suite of solutions focusing on cost reduction, simplified management, and converged network solutions. Our physical security solutions also come with personalized service and exceptional flexibility, ensuring you receive a customized solution perfect for your needs. To give you even more value, we can also provide 24/7 monitoring and management. 

Our Services

We specialize in the design and installation of integrated IP surveillance, access control, and alarm systems.


With our global partners, we're empowered to provide the highest quality commercial security system and solutions meeting the size of your business or budget. When you turn to us, we can offer the following physical security services:

  • Server and Cloud-Based Video Recording

  • Video Analytics

  • Server and Cloud-Based Access Control

  • Biometrics

  • Facial Recognition

  • Real-Time Video Monitoring

  • Mass Notification Systems

  • Interactive Intrusion Systems


All of these services also come with a transparency guarantee to ensure you always know what our solutions do and how they’re protecting your business. We also guarantee that our physical security solutions provide:

  • Lower Cost

  • Simplified Management

  • Expandability

  • Reliability

  • Support

Why Physical Security?

With the ever-evolving cyber threats businesses face, many companies and organizations don’t pay enough attention to their physical security. Since we know how important scalable surveillance systems are to preventing break-ins and theft, we take pride in our many integrated alarm, IP surveillance, and access control systems. Learn more about the top benefits you’ll receive when you invest in physical security below:

  • Reduced liability and increased profits

  • More effective business management

  • Increased productivity of your team members

  • Greater inventory control

  • Comprehensive monitoring of access to sensitive and restricted areas

  • Improved security guard performance with supplemental video monitoring service

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​Contact Us to Schedule a Free Physical Security Assessment

When you want to upgrade your organization’s physical security but don’t know where to start, BTI can help. After you schedule a free assessment, we’ll evaluate your goals, budget, and security needs to find a physical security solution designed specifically for your business. Besides offering physical security services, we also provide managed IT, telephony services for business phones, and workplace safety services to ensure we can give you a comprehensive security solution.


If you’re ready to see how we can upgrade your organization’s physical security, schedule a free physical security assessment or contact us with any questions today.

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