BTI maintains physical offices in Illinois, Arizona, and California

and  provides service throughout the United States

through remote employees and contractors.



Since 1985 BTI Communications Group has provided innovative products and customized solutions for telecommunications and data networking. Our goal is to provide our clients what they need for easy access to information and communication the way they want it.

Over the years, BTI has been a pioneer in converging voice and data networks and has won accolades from partners and clients. For example, before they were AT&T, BTI implemented SBC Advanced Data's first Gigaman gigabit Ethernet circuit for Chicago based Options Clearing Corporation. This resulted in a major leap forward for both our vendor partner and our client. BTI Communications Group has been awarded the coveted Partners in Excellence Award as well as Platinum Level, Elite, and Champion Partner Awards from our many vendors and partners, year after year.


BTI is committed to adding value by providing low cost, effectively managed voice and data communications solutions. This starts with an efficiently designed network infrastructure. We ensure our customers' value and return on investment by doing every job right from the start and then providing best of breed products and services tailored to the client's specific needs.


The BTI family of affiliated companies includes:

  • BTI Communications Group, Ltd., bringing technology based communications products and services to multi-location businesses focusing on a company's network as the basis for the convergence of voice, data, video and mobile communications in an integrated, secure environment.
  • Great America Networks, Inc., a national public utility company that delivers low cost high bandwidth data and voice services exclusively to businesses.
  • Great America Networks Conferencing, LLC., providing fully customizable audio, video, and web conferencing and event services.

Originally founded in Chicago, Illinois, BTI Communications Group now maintains five locations across the country; Illinois, Southern California, Minnesota and Arizona.




BTI's purpose is to help companies increase efficiency, streamline operations, and improve sales using advanced communication technology. Voice and data communication have become unified communication converged on the corporate data network. With an array of specialists and products promising various solutions, customers are challenged with where to start and how to implement these solutions at the lowest cost and highest benefit to their organization. Standard practice has been to procure items from various vendors and piece them together. Our customers realize that for them, the cost and complexity of multiple vendors, technologies, and management interfaces, outweighs the apparent savings of this approach.

By using BTI, our customers can achieve better user satisfaction and productivity, with less headcount dedicated to supporting the solution, than any other vendor solution. More technology is converging on the network. Building automation, security, quality control, training, meetings, conferences, and phone calls all can be managed with ease on a BTI implemented and monitored unified communication solution. BTI is committed to continuing to lead the evolution of network-centric technology and creating smart intelligent networks that enable businesses to communicate from anywhere utilizing whatever devices they need.


Growth Strategy


BTI Communications Group is continuing to grow and expand in the markets it operates in today. Identifying additional viable markets and emerging technologies in the telecommunications industry continues to be our focus. With the methodology of understanding our clients' needs and striving to provide them with the most efficient best of breed technologies available, BTI is set to become the global standard for a commitment to excellence in principles, practices and products.


Corporate Citizenship


BTI Communications Group believes in the importance of being a good corporate citizen. Our philanthropic works and commitment to green technology is always at the forefront of our decision making. We give back to the communities we serve by supporting an array of charities and important causes. For further information, please submit any requests for corporate sponsorship to

Due to the high volume of requests we receive, please allow for a minimum of six weeks notification for any event or deadline.


What We Do


We provide the simplest managed voice, data, and security solutions in the industry today. We choose our vendors and partners by focusing on solutions that drive productivity, revenue, cost savings, safety, and security for our clients. BTI integrates these products into a customized network platform applying a management 360 approach to the monitoring and maintenance of our customer's networking technology. We provide Systems that are designed to grow with your business and empower you and your IT staff to easily customize and modify them to suit your particular needs.


How We Help


Our specialty is in the composition of networking, voice, and security solutions in complex and demanding environments involving multiple communications and security media and multiple business locations. We concentrate on defined areas that are integral to all businesses:


Cost Reduction – A company's existing data network can be used to carry voice, data, Internet, and security traffic to multiple internal and cloud solution providers. The integration of these applications can offer immediate significant revenue, security, and savings to any company's bottom line.


Simplified Management – Remote management of the entire voice, data, and security network makes high tech solutions easy and affordable to any business. BTI increases standardization across a client network, to effectively reduce the amount of networking equipment required and moderate complexities for ongoing maintenance.


Converged Network Solutions – We have extensive experience in complex voice, data, and security systems across networks and have advanced expertise in deploying and supporting converged network solutions. With advanced practice professionals in each category deployed from BTI, clients can be assured that even complex solutions will be simplified delivering the expected benefits on time and on budget.

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