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Camera Replacement: The Reason Why You Should Plan your Next Replacement.

Technology advances at a fast pace in today’s world. Failing to upgrade security cameras can leave organizations exposed to cyber threats, mechanical failures, and other technological vulnerabilities. Additionally, businesses that do not plan effectively will miss out on key new features and important business and security insights that would have saved or made them much more money than the cost of the upgrades.

Old surveillance camera that needs to be replaced

When should I replace/update my cameras?

Before scheduling camera replacement organizations need to identify if it is time for them to upgrade their video cameras. Here are some ways that companies can identify if the time for change has arrived.

Cameras have reached the end of their life cycle

Even though security cameras can last between 5 to 20 years experts recommend that cameras should be replaced every 2 Network Video Recorder cycles (3 to 5 years) to keep up to date with the latest technology and quality in the market. If an organization’s notices a decrease in the video surveillance system’s performance, it is also time to consider an upgrade.

Cameras start failing

Power supply failure, obtaining incomplete footage, or seeing low-quality footage are signs that the video surveillance system is about to fail. An organization that experiences these types of drawbacks is unprotected and should seek the help of professionals to replace or repair its video surveillance system as soon as possible.

Your system no longer fits your necessities.

As time goes by, the needs of organizations change. What worked in the past may not work today. Maybe your facility, equipment layout, entry and exit, or parking patterns have changed. It could also be that you’ve changed or upgraded network technology. Rather than simply moving existing cameras, consider installing newer and better ones in the location you need. You can also reuse the old ones for more suitable locations that you may not have had budget to cover in the past.

Reasons to schedule a planned replacement.

The 2 main reasons to start implementing planned replacements in organizations are listed below:

Avoid failure

You must replace your cameras before they have failed, or a loss has already occurred. The average life span of a high-quality camera is between 3-5 years. Before failure begins, vulnerabilities can develop in your network, which is reason enough to replace it proactively.

Improved technology

Manufacturers and software developers continually develop better and more useful technology. Artificial intelligence, security, and business analytics, along with the integration of other systems are all available today at reasonable prices for basic cameras. These modern functions allow organizations to get useful insights and data to make better business decisions as well as provide a significant increase in picture quality and forensic detail.

We offer:

Expert Guidance:

Our engineers have thousands of hours of experience and constant training in the latest technology, regulatory compliance, and security standards. Take advantage of that knowledge to get just the right recommendation to meet your business goals.

Systematic Software and Firmware Updates and Upgrades:

BTI systematically works to push out appropriate and tested firmware and software to our covered clients. The purpose is to ensure operational quality, cyber security, and maximum feature benefits over the lifetime of the product.

Technology Repurpose:

BTI allows you to save money by repurposing older technology in the workplace. We find new functionality for older equipment, saving money wherever possible.

Open Architecture Environments:

An Open Architecture Environment is a type of computer software that allows users to add, upgrade, or swap components between multiple vendors. We believe that clients deserve the foremost level of technical quality that can be reliably delivered to meet their budget. In order to accomplish that, we avoid ever being locked into a single vendor.

In 36 years of business, we’ve seen virtually every vendor unexpectedly suffer obsolescence, quality issues, supply chain issues, or price gouging events that we know can be avoided with this approach. Call or text 562-298-5000 or Contact us today and get your questions answered by one of our experts!



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