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What is Scalable Software & Why Is It Important for Security Systems?

If you’re planning on investing in a top-grade security system to protect your business or organization, you’ll want to look for one with scalable software. Since hackers, thieves, and other bad actors are constantly finding new ways to break into organizations, whether physically or digitally, your security software should be able to evolve too. Find out more about what scalable software is and why it's so important for security systems.

What Scalable Software Is

Software scalability refers to a measurement of how easy it is to increase or decrease a piece of software’s performance. It also refers to cost, measuring how inexpensive or expensive it will be to change your software. Typically, you’ll see software scalability used when describing how well a piece of software maintains its performance while processing more data. It’s also often used to describe how software can add users and greater workloads while still keeping costs at a minimal impact and performance high.

As a result, highly scalable software can grow and still effectively manage the greater demand the growth will cause. Scalable software will also have lower cost impacts during changes, making it more cost-effective and affordable compared to more rigid pieces of software.

Why Scalable Software Is Essential for Security Systems

When you’re upgrading your security system at your business, scalable software is an integral part of it. As you decide what software is right for you, it’s critical you look for scalable software due to the many benefits it provides. Learn more about why scalable software is so important to security systems by reviewing its top advantages below:

  • Easier system additions: If you want to add more surveillance cameras or other security features to your business, you’ll want scalable software. For example, with the right scalable software, you’ll be able to easily connect new surveillance cameras and alarms to your system. Instead of having to worry about system performance during an upgrade, you can trust scalable software to incorporate changes with ease while still maintaining the same level of performance you’ve come to expect.

  • Better data security: You likely have data on your business network that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Due to the threat of constantly evolving cyber attacks, it’s essential your software can quickly add in the latest tools and updates required to keep your data safe. While a more rigid piece of software may not allow you to integrate the newest security updates into your system, scalable software ensures you can always have the best data security.

  • Reduced costs: Since scalable software is designed to quickly incorporate new features and workloads, it can often lead to reduced costs. While a less scalable piece of software might require you to devote hours of your IT staff’s precious time to implement new changes, scalable software allows you to make updates fast, saving your business time and money.

  • Greater adaptability: When you run a business, your security needs will likely change as your business grows. Though you might not need tons of security features now, you might need them in the future. Scalable software allows you to only invest in the security you need for the present moment and gives you the chance to upgrade when your business’s security requirements change. As a result, you won’t waste money on features you don’t currently need, but you’ll still have the option to easily add them later on.

Choose BTI for Your Integrated Security Needs

At BTI, we’re proud to provide customized and scalable IT integrated security solutions to our clients. Whether you need help improving your physical security systems, Voice Over Internet Protocol, or cybersecurity, our team can help. With our scalable integrated security solutions protecting your business, you’ll be able to reduce your liability, better control inventory, increase your team’s productivity, and improve your ability to manage your business. Alongside our security solutions, we also provide cost-effective and robust IT services to ensure your data is secure.

Find out more about our integrated security solutions today. If you have any questions or want to set up a free consultation, please contact us.



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