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170+ Security Experts Share Their Opinion Brivo

If you have been looking for access control solutions recently, you've probably come across Brivo, one of the many access control providers available. With so many options to in the market, choosing the right solutions for your business could be overwhelming.

In this blog we will explain what is Brivo while portraying the opinion of 170+ security experts so you can uncover the pros and cons of this great system and decide for yourself it Brivo is the right option for your business.

Let’s get right in!

Table of contents

What is Brivo?

Brivo is a smart building, cloud-based physical security and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions provider based in Bethesda Maryland. The company was founded in 1999 but introduced its first access control solution in 2002.

Today, Brivo remains a leader in the access control industry, providing organizations with advanced security solutions. Their cloud-based platform offers real-time visibility, scalability, and flexibility, empowering businesses to manage their security efficiently and effectively.

Brivo logo.

What is Cloud-Based Access Control?

A cloud-based access control system is a type of access control solution that stores all data in the cloud instead of onsite. A cloud-based door entry system allows you to remotely manage who has access to your premises.

Most businesses are now making the switch from traditional access control systems to cloud-based entry systems due to the added convenience, flexibility, and affordability that these systems have to offer.

What is a Physical Security Integrator?

A physical security integrator is a security expert that helps you create a streamlined and comprehensive security system that allows you to combine and manage all your physical security solutions from the same place at the same time.

To ensure that your security systems work correctly, physical security integrators must create and design a plan that allows your system to “talk to each other” so you can improve your business operations and overall security.

But integrating your physical security solutions is not as easy as it seems. Many buildings were not designed with connectivity in mind. Each property has different needs and capabilities, and an integrator needs to work with your specific structural and security needs to design and create the perfect security plan that fits your specific needs.

Brivo Products

Brivo Access

Brivo access is Brivo’s cloud-based access control solution for those organizations that are looking to modernize and protect their premises. Brivo access has 3 main editions:

Standard Edition

Brivo’s Access Standard edition is the entry level cloud-based access control solution from Brivo that includes all the core capabilities needed to deploy a world-class cloud-based access control system to keep your premises protected with world-class security.

Professional Edition

The professional edition is the most popular edition of Brivo access. Thanks to its amazing reliability and added capabilities, Brivo professional edition is perfect for organizations that are looking to take physical security to the next level. Some of the Brivo Access Professional Edition features include:

  • Trending analysis

  • Extended Data Retention

  • Occupancy Tracking

  • Visitor Management

  • Brivo Snapshot

  • & more

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise edition is designed for organizations that need to manage many access points or multiple locations at once. With features like data explorer, managers can proactively act and get valuable data insights across multiple locations while meeting enterprise level compliance requirements.

Businesswomen using Brivo cloud-based access control to access a room

Brivo Video Surveillance Integration

Brivo video surveillance integration allows you to unify your cloud-based access control and video surveillance solution in a single platform that provides you real-time data of your facility to take your business safety to the next level.

It is built-in analytics Brivo Snapshot & License Plate Credentials allow you to take your security measures even further to guarantee a safe environment for visitors, staff, and customers.

Overview of Brivo and Eagle Eye Integration on Brivo Platform.

Brivo Mobile Pass

Add an extra layer of security without sacrificing convenience with Brivo mobile pass! Say goodbye to keys, cards, and fobs and access and manage credentials, access areas, and the settings of your integrated environment with your phone.

Person using Brivo Mobile pass to unlock a door.

Brivo Visitor

Create a secure and comprehensive environment while creating a great first impression for visitors with Brivo Visitor. With Brivo Visitor you can:

  • Manage and control visitors and deliveries from your mobile app.

  • Automate credentials to save time for employees and visitors.

  • Print visitor badges to easily identify guests.

  • Easily verify who is in your facility in case of disaster or lockdown.

Brivo Smart Readers

Brivo smart reader allows you to add an extra layer of protection without sacrificing convenience. It is a beautiful design and simple deployment that allows you to protect your single-door entries without sacrificing flexibility.

Features of Brivo Smart Readers:

  • Use cards, fobs, or Brivo Mobile pass to open doors even in locations with no connectivity.

  • Easily issue or revoke credentials through Brivo Access.

  • Choose from an array of reader options that provide increased security and flexibility.

Brivo Smart Reader on a white background.

Brivo Control Panels

The Brivo control panel is like the heart of your access control system. It connects all your readers and checks if the credentials are valid. If everything matches up, it tells the door to open or unlock. Since all door controllers use the same protocol, they can communicate with any reader if compatible.

The panel that you will need will depend on the number of doors, the amount of compatibility that you need, your compliance requirements, and if you have your hardware onsite or in the cloud.

 Brivo ACS6000 Access Control Panel on a white background.

Brivo Smart Locks

Experience seamless and secure access with sleek sophistication. Brivo’s modern smart readers are easy to install, whether for a single door or an entire property.

Choose from encrypted Brivo mobile credentials, encrypted smart cards, or legacy proximity cards and enhance your security without sacrificing convenience.

To make things better, Brivo is partnered with the best lock providers on the market, allowing you to choose the lock that fits your needs best.

Compatible locks:

  • Allegion


  • Salto

  • Z-Wave


What Do Physical Security Integrators Think About Brivo?

Now that you know what a physical security integrator is and the full suite of Brivo products we will dive into what 170+ physical security experts have to say about Brivo this 2023.

Overall Opinion:

22% of security experts talked positively about Brivo but 2/3 of the respondents did not express an opinion of the firm.

Mostly Unknown Outside the US Market

57% of integrators outside the US claimed to not know the brand while only 34% of security experts within the US claimed to not know the firm. Brivo is a US-based company, and while the brand is very popular inside the US, its geographical presence in foreign markets is growing too.

Compliments on Brivo Products

Most integrators have good things to say about Brivo cloud-based access control.

  • “The most powerful cloud access control for me. Working with them since 2017. It is reliable, the UI is good for our technicians and for our customers. The missing product is a reader for the QR code. It is often asked by our customers in France. The pricing is good for the value delivered. Now, with the data center in Europe, it is even better."

  • "Brivo overall is a good product. I never really hear anyone complain about the line. We carry the product, but I have known others that have, and they all tend to like it. Customers seem to like the product line as well when I come across it on their sites."

  • "It's a good product and their service is great. It lacks some advanced features that the server-based systems have, but those are usually things that most customers don't need."

Great Integration Capabilities

Several integrations noted Brivo’s integration capabilities as a key strength.

  • “Fantastic products and new innovative solutions, easy to manage, easy to install, extremely reliable. Infinitely scalable. Cutting Edge technology also allows integration with other systems. We install a ton of Brivo, specifically for these reasons."

  • We mostly use Brivo and it is a great product for pricing, support, integration, etc. We don't have any issues."

Complaints Around Brivo’s Products

  • "We like Brivo for its simplicity. NFC has been a setback for them. The mobile pass can be bulky."

  • "Their migration from on-air to access. Brivo has not been a smooth transition with customers that have ACS 5000 panels."

  • "Best suited for multitenant office buildings we don't do much since we are not involved in that vertical, but I haven't heard major complaints."

Brivo Support

Brivo received a ton of compliments regarding their support services & while there is still room for improvement, overall sentiment is positive.

  • Support is great but sometimes it takes a while to get someone on the phone."

  • "Strong partner of ours, very responsive, and offer good support as needed."

  • "Have been involved for over twenty years. Overall, good stuff and support!"

  • "Good product line and good support in my experience."

Only one integrator had an unpleasant experience with Brivo support. Another expert also mentioned that Brivo works with larger integrators who lack support.

  • “It is a popular hosted system; I've heard mixed reviews about it. It is not amazing;it is not horrible. In our area, it tends to be installed by JCI (Johnson Controls) or other large companies so sometimes the service a customer is receiving is not up to snuff. But that is on the integrator, not Brivo.”

Brivo Pricing & Licensing Fees

Multiple integrators had negative feelings around Brivo’s pricing and licensing fees.

  • “I do not like the cost of their services; we sell a lot of Brivo but it is too complicated to quote, and the cost is just not worth it for me. I have other solutions that do not have the fees that Brivo does. Great product but the cost is just not worth it."

  • "Pricing point has been too high for us to be very successful with. Nothing bad about the product but can do better for less money."

  • "Licensing and cloud fees are high for many types of clients."

  • "Simple to use but can get expensive."

However, one integrator said that Brivo is an affordable cloud-based solution.

BTI’s Take on Brivo Access & Brivo Products

Brivo is a widely recognized provider of cloud-based access control solutions. Their platform offers various features and capabilities that cater to the needs of both small businesses and large enterprises. Here's a brief list of benefits of Brivo cloud-based access control:

  1. Cloud-Based Solution

  2. User-Friendly Interface

  3. Mobile Access

  4. Integration Capabilities

  5. Scalability and Flexibility

  6. Security and Reliability

It's important to note that the effectiveness of any access control system, including Brivo, depends on proper installation, configuration, and ongoing management. Engaging professional security integrators or consultants who are well-versed in Brivo's offerings can help ensure the system is tailored to your specific needs and deployed correctly.

BTI: The Physical Security Provider Near Me

Here at BTI, we have more than 35+ years of experience in the field of physical security and we have helped thousands of organizations take their business security to the next level! Whether you are a small business or an enterprise-level organization, if you are looking for world-class support, affordable rates, and state-of-the-art physical security solutions you are in the right place!

Are you ready to enhance your security measures while reducing your costs? Contact us today and schedule a free business assessment!



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