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  • Eric Brackett

The Moody Church Success Story

As a business owner, the safety and security of your organization are likely at the top of your list of priorities, so you already understand the unique difficulties of maintaining security and business access control solutions. But when it comes to protecting historic or religious buildings, that challenge can be even greater.

These structures, such as churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues, are often steeped in tradition and may present unique obstacles when it comes to integrating modern security solutions while preserving their historic structures.

The Moody Church Case

The Moody Church in Chicago is a prime example. As a historic nondenominational Christian Church dating back to 1864, the building features stunning Romanesque and Byzantine architecture and can hold up to 3,395 people. However with such a large and older facility, the challenge of updating security systems while preserving the integrity of the building is significant.

That's why The Moody Church turned to a trusted technology partner, BTI Communications Group, a company that specializes in fulfilling the security, communications, and IT needs of all kinds of businesses, including faith-based communities. Over time, The Moody Church has collaborated with BTI on various technology upgrades including security cameras, unified communications, and IT services.

In 2007, the church completed construction on a three-story Christian Life Center addition. Initially, the church utilized another vendor to install its original analog system, but by 2017, it was clear that the surveillance system in place was outdated and in need of replacement. The original analog system with a property recorder was failing and didn't offer the coverage and capabilities the church needed.

Axis Cameras Ensure Physical Security

BTI proposed a solution that included high-definition Axis Communication dome cameras and Milestone video management software to protect the historic facility. The new system offered a range of cameras to meet the church's specific needs, such as those that can capture clear images in low light, and those that can handle changes in natural lighting while offering a wide dynamic range.

“From the time of the proposal, we could tell that BTI was very interested in understanding our requirements. They submitted a proposal that truly matched our needs,” says Ken Schmidt, Director of Finance and Administration at The Moody Church.

Installing the solutions in a minimally intrusive manner was crucial to protect the church’s historically rich architecture. Schmidt worked closely with BTI's installation team to ensure that every aspect of the installation was made done with due care. Every wire, connection, and cable were installed carefully. Needless to say, it looks like their attention paid off!

"Part of our decision to work with BTI was knowing that they represented some of the best products in the market," says Schmidt. "Their broad expertise allowed them to extract the value of each system while taking advantage of the tremendous added value that comes with having integrated solutions that cut down costs without reducing performance or security."

The Moody Church Today

A year later, the church was ready to take its tech up a notch in the Christian Life Center. They called on BTI for aid and set about upgrading their Wi-Fi system – plus extending coverage into other areas of the facility.

At The Moody Church, congregants and church leaders alike are taking advantage of technology to enhance their experience. With Wi-Fi access available on the main campus as well as offsite locations, people can stay connected with faith resources like online Bibles or check notes digitally.

Since BTI is an all-in-one vendor, working with them comes with multiple benefits. “With fewer vendors, we don’t need to explain everything with each proposal. They are already familiar with our building as well as with our architectural, aesthetic, and installation requirements,” Schmidt says.

BTI: The All-in-One Security Systems Integrator Near Me

At BTI Communications Group, we understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges. That's why we work with trusted partners to offer customized solutions that balance the need for security, convenience, and efficiency.

If you're looking to upgrade your security systems and protect your organization, whether it's a religious institution, a historical building, or any other type of business, we are here to help. Don't hesitate to visit our website, or contact us directly, and one of our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have, help you evaluate your current security needs, and recommend the best solution for your specific situation.


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