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How to Enhance Business Continuity with Cellular Repeaters

Many companies struggle when ensuring business continuity as they transition to remote work models. With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing 2/3s of Americans to work from home, the need for a reliable internet connectivity and strong cell signal has become crucial. Unfortunately, many individuals have encountered various issues in these areas, hindering their ability to work effectively.

According to Gartner, 48% of knowledge workers around the world will work either fully remotely (9%) or in a hybrid arrangement (39%).

Remote work forecast statistics comparison between 2020 and 2023. 

In this blog you’ll learn the importance of creating a business continuity plan for remote workers and the importance of utilizing cell service boosters to always ensure business continuity!

How To Amplify a Cell Signal for Remote Work Locations

With the rise of remote work, businesses are relying more heavily on video conferencing to connect with their employees. However, many workers are facing issues with their home network performance, specifically due to weak cell signals. This can lead to dropped calls and subpar audio and video quality, ultimately hampering productivity in remote work locations.

 Women working remotely and doing a video conference call.

Cellular repeaters (also known as cell boosters, cellular amplifiers, or cell phone signal boosters) are designed to amplify phone signals and solve connectivity issues whether you work on-site or remotely.

How Does Cell Signal Boosters Work?

Cell boosters work by collecting the available signal from the nearest cell tower, amplifying it, and distributing the signal throughout your whole site or home office. To work, cellular repeaters need 3 components:

  • External Donor Antenna

  • Signal Amplifier

  • Coverage Unit

External Donor Antenna

External donor antennas work by capturing the signal from the nearest cell tower.

Signal Amplifier

After the signal is captured from your donor antenna, the signal is transmitted to a signal amplifier to boost the signal and transmit it to an internal coverage unit.

Coverage Unit

The coverage unit distributes the signal on-site to ensure the cellular signal reaches your whole building, office, or home by expanding the coverage area of your cellular network.

Where Can You Install Your Cellular Repeater?

Outside Antenna

Ideally, the antenna is installed as high as possible, like on your roof. You can also use a pole, pipe, or sled to mount the antenna and provide extra height if needed.

WilsonPro 4g Omni Antenna

If mounting the antenna on your roof is complicated, professionals like BTI will conduct a site survey using a cell signal meter to determine the best spot to install your solution.

Cellular Repeater

After your antenna is installed, we will connect your antenna with your cell signal booster in a non-invasive way while taking extra care of your facilities.

WilsonPro 710i on a white background

Inside Antenna

The inside antenna should be installed in the area where you are experiencing connectivity issues to amplify cellular signals and ensure business continuity.

WilsonPro Single Antenna Expansion Kit 50 Ohm on a white background.

What Cell Phone Signal Booster Should You Choose?

The ideal cellular repeater for you will depend on your specific business needs and budget. Here at BTI, we are WilsonPro providers and engineers, and we recommend the following solutions depending on your needs.

WilsonPro Pro 1100

The Wilson Pro 1100 is perfect for spacious homes and offices. With its coverage reaching up to 35,000 square feet, this award-winning amplifier ensures a strong and reliable signal throughout the entire area.

It is specifically designed to access cell towers from a distance, maximizing connectivity. The added convenience of a color LCD touchscreen enhances control and usability, making it a top choice for improving your signal strength.

WilsonPro Pro 1100 Kit on a white background.

WilsonPro Pro 70 Plus

The WilsonPro Pro 70 Plus is the perfect solution for large homes and offices that struggle with weak cell signals. With its advanced technology, this booster can cover an impressive area of up to 25,000 square feet. It comes equipped with a smart microprocessor that optimizes performance and even includes a graphical signal meter to help you locate the nearest tower easily.

What sets WilsonPro apart is its commitment to quality and compliance. All WilsonPro products are FCC-approved, ensuring that they meet the highest standards and comply with federal regulations. This means you can trust their solutions to provide seamless connectivity and uninterrupted communication for your work-from-home employees.

 WilsonPro 70 Plus Kit on a white background.

WilsonPro Rapid Deploy Kit

The WilsonPro Rapid Deploy Kit is perfect cell service booster for hassle-free setup and fast takedown. It can be easily installed and removed in locations where a permanent amplifier is not needed, making it the perfect cellular boosting solution for temporary locations.

WilsonPro Rapid Deploy Kit on a White Background.

BTI, The WilsonPro Provider Near Me

When you choose WilsonPro and BTI, nothing can go wrong! Here at BTI, we have more than 35+ years of experience designing, installing, and supporting businesses with state-of-the-art communication products and services.

Businesses of all sizes and industries rely on us to solve their cellular connectivity issues. We’re ready to help you implement a business continuity plan that will support the ever-changing needs of your employees that work remotely and in temporary


To learn more about how WilsonPro cellular amplifiers and BTI can help you maintain business continuity, contact us today.



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