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Consider the Hidden IT Security Costs

Although a customer will closely scrutinize the price of implementing technologies for network security, the cost of being hacked or held for ransomware is often not factored in to the equation.

Often customers are not aware how products, especially those purchased based on price, can bring embedded vulnerabilities into a network. Cameras manufactured in China, for example, have susceptibilities that are known to hackers. Major breaches have already occurred with what is called pre-hacked technology.

Even technologies that do not carry the risk of being pre-hacked can become vulnerable when users fail to fully implement their security features.

A lack of product knowledge can also mean that an IT department fails to unlock a system’s performance capabilities and security features. Limited resources can make it difficult to keep all IT systems updated with the latest security patches on an ongoing basis. As a result, the IT department may have a false level of confidence as to how well protected they are against cyber-attacks.

“We’ve been very impressed with the depth of product knowledge that our security technology partner brings,” said Gilbert Banducci, Security and Safety Supervisor at AIT Worldwide Logistics Inc., a 40-year-old global logistics and supply chain service provider headquartered in Chicago with 15 sites across the U.S. “BTI has been really good at sharing their security system expertise with both our IT and our safety & security teams to ensure everyone is taking full advantage of our new CCTV system.”

At BTI, advanced cyber security processes are utilized to block viruses and hackers from destructive solutions. The company also ensures that VoIP phone conversations are encrypted and firmware is patched and updated to block scanning, malware, recording and monitoring by hackers, as well as illegal sale of company information.

In addition to cybersecurity, facilities like AIT Worldwide Logistics are increasingly interested in improving physical security systems that are tied into the larger IT umbrella. The company decided to replace their CCTV network starting with two of their U.S. facilities, including their Chicago headquarters, because of customer service issues with their prior vendor. The CCTV network performs a critical management role for AIT in locating freight and managing facility security.

“18 months ago, we needed to replace our CCTV network,” said AIT Worldwide’s Banducci. “Depth of security expertise was a key criterion for us. BTI impressed us with their security knowledge and overall IT network capabilities. I can now access our new CCTV installations on my cell phone from wherever I am, and we’ve reduced our video reviews from hours to just minutes.”

“Beyond depth of expertise in a particular field, which in our case is security, what we really strive for in vendor selections is finding a partner who can add value beyond the individual solution we are seeking,” said Banducci. “For example, BTI has gone beyond CCTV solutions to support us with evaluations of unrelated security projects. They have also contributed to design layouts with our specific security needs in mind.”


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