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Video Surveillance Against Theft, Ford Dealer Case Study.

When Gjovik Ford, an auto dealership in Plano, Illinois, set out to construct their new 34,000 sq. ft. facility, they knew that security would be a top priority. With car theft and fraud on the rise, they wanted to ensure that their dealership was protected from these types of crimes.

Gjovik Ford in Plano, Illinois lobby image with security

BTI Communications Group was able to provide Gjovik Ford with an integrated video surveillance system that would decrease theft and prevent fraud at their new dealership. According to Todd O’Reilly, Gjovik Ford’s Co-Owner, and General Manager, "We wanted a very high-security camera system at our new store,” and BTI Communications Group delivered just that.

Video Surveillance Deters Crime

axis p1455-le camera overview of car lot

The smart video surveillance system not only deters crime but also assists in daily operations and surveillance. The integrated system notifies staff of movement that needs further attention and also includes building access control for door and gate access, with time of day entry location, and other configured controls and schedules.

The Results

According to O’Reilly, the integrated security system has not only deterred the theft of vehicles, their components, and costly equipment, but it also has contributed to decreasing the dealership’s damage claims.

The new surveillance system monitors cars when they enter and exit the facility and documents any existing or new damage to the vehicles. That way the dealership can handle losses such as dents, scratches, and claims properly.

“The smart cameras allow us to retrieve video by license plates to instantly show customers their before and after car condition which builds trust and understanding between our service writers and clients,” says O’Reilly.

axis p3245-lv camera monitoring car maintenance garage  entrances

This dealership has reduced damage claims by 75%. According to O’Reilly, this could be reduced further but the dealership takes care of its customers when there’s a disagreement on the cause of damage as a goodwill gesture.

The security system deters employee and customer theft. “If a customer claims an employee took something from their car, we can check the recordings and show them that there was no theft, or promptly replace an item and proceed with the corresponding disciplinary action,” says O’Reilly.

An integrated video surveillance system can provide you with the peace of mind you need to protect your dealership from theft and fraud, while also assisting in daily operations and building trust with customers.

Don't wait, contact BTI Communications Group today to learn more about how they can help secure your dealership.



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