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FAQs, Ava Security & Openpath Transition to Avigilon Alta

Recently, Motorola Solutions announced that two of the biggest physical security products in their portfolio, Openpath Access Control & Ava Security Cameras are going to be rebranded as Avigilon Alta.

But what does this mean for existing AVA Security, Openpath, & Avigilon users? Don’t worry, we got you!

In this blog, we will cover:

Ava Security, Avigilon Alta & Openpath Access Control FAQ’s.

Ava Security and Openpath products FAQ

What is Avigilon Alta?

Avigilon Alta is a cloud-native, AI-powered video and audio monitoring and door lock access control solution. The cloud architecture allows you to view and respond to alerts from your video and audio events and your door access locks and sensors from any authorized IOS, Android, or Windows device. This means you can secure your property with state-of-the-art security tech and cut your IT, security, and facility maintenance costs at the same time.

Avigilon Alta Compact Dome Security Camera.

What's The Reason Behind The Openpath & Ava Security Rebranding?

Originally, AVA Security and Openpath Access Control were independent companies. AVA made next-generation video and audio cameras and analytics. Openpath made a cloud-based access control solution with best-in-class mobile credentials.

The two companies partnered and integrated their cloud software together using APIs. The Avigilon Alta branding follows the acquisition of AVA and Openpath by Motorola Solutions and the integration into their Avigilon organization.

With these acquisitions, Motorola Solutions now has a robust fully cloud-based security portfolio in addition to their traditional cloud-enabled Avigilon server-based solutions.

What's The Difference Between Avigilon Alta and Avigilon Unity?

Avigilon Unity

Avigilon Unity is Motorola's on-premise solution run from perpetually licensed software run on private servers. These servers and the Avigilon access control system (formerly Avigilon Access Control Manager – ACM) and the Avigilon camera system (formerly Avigilon Control Center – ACC) can be connected to and managed by Avigilon cloud as well as an option.

Avigilon Unity is equipped with all the features you know and love from Avigilon, like Control Center and Cloud Services.

Avigilon Unity is designed for companies that want to run and store their own video and access control credentials and logs on their own servers.

Avigilon Alta

Avigilon Alta is the cloud-native security suite that combines Ava Security's video portfolio and Openpath Access Control solutions. There are no server requirements unless you want to reuse old cameras. The only infrastructure required on premises are cameras, door controllers, door access control readers, sensors, wiring, and power over ethernet switching.

This AI-driven solution is ultra-flexible and powered by Motorola Solutions' cloud infrastructure.

Avigilon Alta & Avigilon Unity Logos.

Avigilon Alta FAQ

What Does Avigilon Alta Means to Existing Openpath & Ava Security Customers?

Initially, nothing in your Openpath & Ava Security products will change except for the logo. All of the current third-party integrations and connectivity will remain unchanged including the integration between access control and cameras.

Over time, both Openpath Access Control & AVA Security users can expect an ever-enhanced and unified user experience, enhanced integration capabilities, and enhanced video security and access control capabilities.

Are The AVA Security and Openpath Logos Changing?

Openpath & AVA Security are being rebranded as Avigilon Alta including all marketing materials, websites, software & mobile apps.

Will My Existing AVA Security & Openpath Products Work?

Yes, everything will be working as usual in all of the AVA Security and Openpath products.

Is AVA Security & Openpath Hardware Changing? Will My Hardware Remain Operational?

Hardware will remain unchanged for now, however, all hardware is now being rebranded as Avigilon Alta this month.

Can I Reuse My Existing Hardware?

Existing door locks, readers, cards, sensors, cables, and cameras can be reused in the Avigilon Alta platform. Cameras and readers can be replaced with enhanced Avigilon Alta cameras and readers as well.

AVA Security & Openpath Products FAQ

What's The Future of AVA Aware, AVA DMP & Openpath Access Control Center?

  • AVA Aware will be rebranded to Avigilon Alta Aware

  • Ava DMP will be known as AVA Aware DMP

  • Openpath Access Control Center will now be named Avigilon Alta Control Center

Will AVA Security Mobile Apps Continue Working?

Yes, you will be able to continue using the same mobile apps for all of your products, however, the branding will be updated for all the AVA and Avigilon mobile apps.

AVA Aware will be named Alta Aware. The Openpath mobile app and Openpath admin will remain the same for now.

Will I Be Able to Access Openpath & AVA Websites?

Both AVA Security & Openpath websites will remain operational, but, both websites will be added to in March 2023.

How Do I Find Support?

None of your support is changing. If you need to place an order or place a service call for on-premise work and don’t have a current AVA or Openpath Access Control provider, contact us!

Where Can I Find an Avigilon Alta Provider?

BTI can provide state-of-the-art support for all of your Avigilon Alta products including installation, maintenance, upkeep, design, and more.

Are There Any Real Benefits from This Transition?

Both AVA Security and Openpath Access Control are great services that did a great job, and we don’t expect that to change with the Motorola acquisition and the Avigilon Alta rebranding. Given Motorola's strong financial, operational, manufacturing, supply chain, and distribution, we expect that these products will get a lot better a lot faster than they would have before.

Stay tuned to our newsfeed where we’ll be bringing you updates as they occur.

Avigilon Alta, Formerly Ava Security & Openpath.

BTI, The Avigilon Alta Provider Near Me

Are you looking for a reliable Avigilon Alta dealer that can provide you with the pricing, design, installation, camera, and door access hardware including locking hardware, and subscriptions you need?

Join the thousands of businesses that choose BTI. We would love to provide you with the Avigilon Alta camera and door access control systems you need.

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