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Cloud Telephony Provider Transforms IL Business

On-Cue Grid.

Imagine having a business that thrives on creativity, communication, versatility, and you have that certain “something” that sets you apart. Nothing can hold you back, especially after putting so much time and effort into finding and nurturing the passionate professionals who make up your team.

On-cue is a Chicago-based organization that specializes in delivering turn-key creative solutions for businesses that are looking to take their key message to the next level. Their team of experienced trainers, writers, producers, and talent have more than 20+ years of experience in helping companies find the perfect way to deliver an unforgettable message for their customers.

After 20+ years of a traditional on-premise business phone system, On-cue was experiencing high voice provider bills and poor customer service when needing assistance from their previous cloud-telephony provider.

On-Cue reached out to BTI for assistance when they realized they needed a more efficient phone system that could handle their daily operations and also cut costs. After conducting an initial assessment, it became clear that On-Cue required a solution that could keep up with their needs and offer top-notch support.

GoodPhone Business Communication Solution

To fulfill their needs, we recommended a BTI-powered cloud-based business communication solution, GoodPhone. The cloud-based phone system allows businesses to have increased mobility and flexibility needed without breaking the bank. In addition, GoodPhone’s offers 24/7 support service.

With GoodPhone, On-Cue’s business phone charges decreased the phone system fits their business perfectly because now they can make and take calls from the office, from home, and on the go.

On-cue has also been benefiting from GoodPhone's award-winning analytics and features, particularly their favorite feature - voicemail to email transcription. This feature has significantly saved them time, making it their personal favorite.

A Cloud Telephony Provider That Cares for Your Business

Just like to On-cue, your business can experience state-of-the-art business communications too! Are you ready to make the switch to a cloud telephony provider that cares for you and your business? Contact us and boost your sales and productivity today!



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