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Guide: CCTV Cameras in Shops & The Retail Industry

Indoor mall view from the perspective of a store security camera.

The retail industry is highly susceptible to theft and shoplifting because of its inherent

nature. With merchandise constantly on display for the public, it is essential to have a robust

security system in place. Neglecting to install security cameras can be a critical oversight

that compromises your entire security infrastructure. That is why implementing CCTV

cameras in shops is a vital step towards enhancing your protection. 

This guide aims to highlight the numerous advantages of utilizing security cameras. It also

offers a comprehensive overview of modern retail video surveillance systems. 

Table of Contents  

The Benefits of Retail Video Surveillance Systems 

Implementing retail video surveillance solutions has multiple advantages. The presence of

CCTV cameras in shops and retail stores can protect you from a variety of threats.

Prevent Crime and Employee Theft

Close up man stealing a store and being captured on a retail security camera.

As a retail manager, it is crucial to address both external and internal threats. Shockingly,

employee theft costs US businesses an astounding $50 billion annually, according to

Statistic Brain. Furthermore, a study conducted by revealed that 22% of

business owners have experienced employee theft.  

Of this 22%: 

  • 35% of offenders have been captured on camera 

  • 42% have been personally apprehended by the business owner.

A well-placed surveillance system will effectively discourage theft and identify potential

internal and external threats with ease. AI-driven video analytics and facial recognition will

capture the faces of everyone on-site including potential shoplifters.

Once these criminals are identified, you can access their information in your database to

alert your security staff as soon as one of them is identified. 

Protect Your Staff  

CCTV cameras in shops not only increase your clients and employees' sense of security

and peace of mind. Having full coverage around your store will allow you to proactively

monitor your surroundings to avoid any potential threats before they happen.


Complete coverage of your store and its surroundings allows for the detection of antisocial

behavior, helping to keep undesired individuals away from your business. This safeguards

your revenue, as it reduces the likelihood of potential customers being discouraged by

loiterers outside your shop.

Keep Evidence of Any Incidents 

Having CCTV cameras in shops can serve as valuable evidence in case of accidents, disputes, or other incidents within the store. Whether it is a slip and fall, a customer dispute, or an accident, having clear video footage can serve as an accurate record of events.  

Avoid False Claims 

Did you know that 33% of all businesses are affected by a fraud-related incident each year?

Additionally, the lack of internal control accounts for 26% of internal fraud incidents. Having

retail video security cameras will not only allow you to deter crime but also offer video

evidence against any trickeries.  

Comply with Industry Regulations 

Ensuring compliance with regulations is crucial for retail businesses. This includes adhering

to safety and operational standards. By leveraging retail video surveillance as part of

incident documentation, businesses can showcase their commitment to meeting legal


Boost Efficiency  

CCTV cameras in shops can have other purposes besides security. Thanks to the latest

technological advancements in retail security cameras, business owners can now

leverage the latest advancements in AI and analytics to support their operational processes

and improve business efficiency. 

The Types of CCTV Cameras in Shops  

In the following section, you will learn the types of retail store security cameras that are

commonly deployed in the retail industry. These include: 

  • Dome Cameras  

  • Thermal Cameras  

  • PTZ Cameras   

Dome Cameras

Axis PLE dome camera in shop.

Dome cameras are the favored choice for CCTV cameras in shops and other retail

environments. With their exceptional adaptability and resilience, these cameras are

ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. Their distinctive design not only increases

visibility and discourages suspicious behavior, but their sturdy dome casing and

integrated analytics make them the ultimate choice for retail video security in any location.

Thermal Cameras

Traditional vs Tremal Camara Comparison

Thermal security cameras will take your security measures to unprecedented heights.

Thanks to its thermal capabilities you will be able to track any intruders in low light

conditions effortlessly. Additionally, thermal store security cameras can be used to

monitor the temperature of your store, refrigerator, and or visitors and trigger an alarm when

certain action is detected.  

PTZ Cameras

Axis PTZ Camera in shops.

PTZ cameras, also known as Pan, Tilt, Zoom cameras, provide a higher level of

versatility in surveillance compared to standard security cameras. Unlike other retail

video security cameras, PTZ security cameras can rotate, tilt, and zoom to focus on specific

areas or objects, offering a variable range of surveillance angles and perspectives.

Top Security Camera Features Needed for Retail Video Security 

Whether you are looking to invest in a single camera or your entire security

network, understanding the available features and benefits of retail video security is essential to get the most out of your system. This knowledge will help you navigate the technical terms, create a preliminary list of requirements, and prioritize the essential features necessary for your retail security camera system.

Cloud-Based Management 

One of the primary reasons for delaying the installation of security cameras in shops is the

initial investment but what if I told you that there is a cost-effective way in which you can

invest in retail video store surveillance?  

With cloud-based video cameras, you can get rid of the huge costs of installing an on

-premises server while having the ability to monitor and manage your cameras from

anywhere at any time. View live and recorded videos, check camera health status, manage

credentials, and more regardless of your location.

HD Resolution  

High video resolution is an essential component of retail video surveillance, especially in those businesses that need eyes on even the smallest details such as retail.  

In the link below, you will find a success story of our client, Gjovik Ford, and how they

managed to reduce false claims by 75% by leveraging BTI and retail store video




Motion Detection

 Store security cameras being used to monitor outdoors.

Leveraging AI and motion detection can significantly increase the effectiveness of

retail store video surveillance. Save your operators time by automatically

identifying abnormal activity in your space and eliminate the need to sift through

hours of inactivity or large video files to find important incidents.


To further enhance security, BTI can integrate your retail video surveillance

system with lights, alarms, and access control to name a few. In the event of a

detected intruder, these devices can act as a deterrent, effectively causing the

intruders to retreat once they realize they are being recorded. 

Object Analytics

Retail CCTV Systems using object analytics.

Object analytics is a feature that allows your cameras to analyze scene and spatial behavior

to detect unusual and unwanted behavior within a location while ignoring irrelevant sources.

As soon as your retail cameras detect unusual behavior your system will automatically

trigger an alarm to inform your security staff so the appropriate action can be taken.

Video Compression

Video compression, gone are the days of worrying about bandwidth and storage limitations.

Good compression capabilities will allow you to reduce storage needs, enable faster

streaming, enhance accessibility, and provide a better viewing experience without the need

of investing in expensive on on-site expensive storage systems.



Facial Recognition

 Face detection being used for retail video surveillance.

By harnessing the power of facial recognition, you empower your business with a proactive

approach to security. Boost security measures by instantly identifying known shoplifters or

individuals with suspicious behavior and preventing any inconveniences before they


Mobile Management

Access real-time footage, alerts, and management features for your retail cameras from any

device. Easily change camera settings, receive instant alerts, and enjoy the convenience of

a mobile app, no matter where you are.



The Importance of Scalability and Flexibility in Retail Video Security

A scalable retail video security system is essential for an industry as dynamic as the retail

industry. Having a scalable and flexible retail video surveillance system means that your

infrastructure can easily adapt to the growth of your business, whether it be expanding,

changing layouts, or opening new locations, all without requiring a large investment.

Looking for a Retail Video Surveillance Expert?  

With over 35 years of experience, BTI specializes in providing tailored physical security

solutions for the retail industry. Our expertise and proactive approach enable us to design

the perfect solution for your property, no matter the size or complexity. 

Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, assisting with camera

selection, design, installation, upkeep, maintenance, and ensuring compliance with CCTV

system requirements.


Leave the complexities of CCTV cameras in shops and the retail industry to us, while you

focus on your business. Contact us today to schedule a free business assessment and

discover the true meaning of security. 



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