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How Avigilon Alta Aware AI Video Analytics Will Boost Productivity

Unlocking a new era of productivity is no longer a distant aspiration, but a tangible reality thanks to Avigilon Alta Aware AI Video Analytics. Avigilon Alta, with its array of benefits and innovative features, emerges as a game-changer in harnessing the power of AI to enhance productivity.

In this blog, you'll discover how your business can seamlessly transition to the cloud and experience a paradigm shift in operational excellence with Avigilon Alta Aware.

Avigilon Alta Aware Smart Video View

What is Avigilon Alta Aware?

Avigilon Alta Aware (formerly Ava Aware) is Avigilon’s new cloud-based video management system. By harnessing the power of AI video analytics, you can transform your existing cameras and systems into smart, proactive tools. You will gain valuable operational insights that will revolutionize the way you protect your space.

Are Alta Aware and Ava Aware the Same?

Avigilon Alta is an innovative security suite that combines Ava Security's video capabilities with Openpath's access control solutions. This cloud-native platform eliminates the need for extensive infrastructure and allows for easy control of your security system from any location.

Powered by Motorola Solutions' advanced cloud infrastructure, Avigilon Alta offers flexibility and utilizes innovative AI technology to enhance your security measures!

Benefits of Cloud-Based Video Analytics

Alta Aware is a cloud-based video analytics system that harnesses the power of AI to boost efficiency for you and your organization.

Increased Security Thanks to AI Analytics

With Alta Aware cloud-based video analytics, you can now have access to real-time insights on all your sites, no matter where you may be. Utilizing AI-driven intelligence, you can accurately identify potential security threats and take control of any situation.

This powerful tool allows you to detect and classify anomalies based on perimeters and behaviors, differentiate between people, vehicles, and other objects, and conveniently map movement across your sites. Furthermore, with real-time alerts providing thumbnails, time, and location data, you can always stay one step ahead.

Faster and Improved Investigation

Save time and empower your users and security operators to complete forensic investigations efficiently. Say goodbye to hours of manually examining surveillance footage - with Alta Aware AI video analytics, you can obtain accurate and actionable results within minutes, not days.

Increased Efficiency and Operational Awareness

Improve the customer experience in property management and retail by gaining occupancy awareness and analyzing customer behavior. Enhance efficiency by optimizing cleaning, heating, and cooling, while also monitoring workplace productivity through hot-desking insights.

Gain valuable insights by monitoring traffic flows, identifying hot spots and high-traffic areas, and accessing other occupancy data to improve overall business operations.

Increased Data Protection

Alta Aware ensures your IT team is fully compliant and secure, giving you complete peace of mind. With automatic software updates from the cloud, data and metadata encryption, and secure remote access from anywhere, preventing cybersecurity threats has never been easier.

With Alta Aware's cloud-based video management system, you manage all your product licenses through the cloud, ensuring your system is always up to date through a controlled and proactive process.

Transition to The Cloud with Ease

Switching to the cloud with Avigilon Alta Aware is easy! Just deploy Alta Aware or use one of our cloud connectors and gain extra storage capacity, power-up your third-party cameras with AI video Analytics and integrate your current system with the Alta Aware cloud-based video management system with ease!

Features of Alta Aware Video Analytics

Taking advantage of Alta Aware AI video analytics will take your business efficiency to the next level.

Some of the best AI analytics are:

Smart Presence

Create a map of all your locations and leverage them with AI video analytics to gain enhanced situational awareness and insights.

Video View with Spotlight

Alta Aware AI video analytics are powered by deep learning capabilities. Spotlight ensures that managers are always aware by notifying them about the most valuable information. Do not miss any crucial updates!

Timeline with Smart Presence

Use video AI analytics to highlight people, vehicles, and motion separately to easily identify threats, anomalies, and any other significant event with ease.

Fast Investigation with Smart Search

With Avigilon Alta Aware's cloud-based video management system review of your footage takes minutes, not hours!

Avigilon Alta Smart Presence Timeline

Why Should You Choose Avigilon Alta Aware Cloud-based Video Management for Your Business?

User Interface

Alta Aware user interface is easy to use and deploy.

Mobile App Available

A cloud-based video management system allows you to manage your entire system through your phone, tablet, or computer!

Easy Integration

Easily integrate tools like access control systems, alarms, and sensors with your Alta Aware cloud-based video management system and create a centralized hub to manage and analyze your entire security solution.

AI & Video & Audio Analytics

Besides having amazing AI video analytics, Avigilon Alta Aware also leverages its amazing audio analytics to give users an extra layer of security and control.

Open API’s

Discover the full potential of the Alta Aware platform through our open APIs and seamless integrations. Connect all the essential systems, tools, and devices that your teams rely on, effortlessly.

Avigilon Alta Aware Specifications


Device Support



Pervasive Video Analytics

Security & Privacy Protection


Other Features

BTI The Avigilon Alta Aware Provider Near You

Here at BTI, we have more than 35+ years of experience providing state-of-the-art security services for small businesses and enterprise-level organizations! As Avigilon Alta authorized partners we can assist you with your installation, maintenance, and support needs of all your Avigilon Alta solutions for an affordable price!

Are you ready to boost your efficiency, reduce your costs, and increase your efficiency? Contact BTI today and schedule a free business assessment today!



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