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Improve the functionality of your security system with our GlobalView Managed Services

Your security system protects your facilities, but who is protecting your security systems from failure?

Choosing the right service can determine the life span and ongoing functionality of your security. Our Globalview service is a real-time monitoring and backup plan that ensures your technology investment stays in peak performance.

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Why buy global view for security.

prevent internal theft, etc. examples

right people access your property/know who is accessing.

reducing liability:

decrease emergency response times

reduce hardware failure

avoid business interruption

reduce and eliminate cyber security risk

prevent system failures

extend the life of your investment in security

Download the white paper to learn more/contact form with link to dwndld pdf

No Commitment Necessary

No need for a long-term contracts, pay month to month  & cancel anytime without penalty. Keep our services because it makes your life easier not because you have to!

Ongoing Training

Your company's success depends on the employees that work for you. To ensure maximum productivity, our experts will help train them through each software to maximize its value!

Industry Driven

Logistics, construction, healthcare, and medical professional businesses are just some of the many companies we support. Regardless of your company size we can help!

Dedicated Expert Staff

Your company will receive dedicated IT and security experts who know how to deploy and maintain safety within your industry.

Security & Compliance

BTI's solution ensures you stay up to date with today's data, safety, and compliance requirements. Not sure what those are? We do and we can help!

Superior Support

Getting repairs, service orders or equipment upgrades will never be easier. Eliminate the headache of purchase order approvals for maintenance and repairs when you partner with us!

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Key Features

  • We provide monitoring and maintenance for your security equipment 24/7/365

  • Our backup system guarantees that your security settings will never be lost

  • Real-time alerts make it possible to repair equipment before it can fail

  • We are always upgrading our systems to ensure that your investment remains protected

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