September Newsletter, The Race is On

September 30th, 2020 by admin

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The race is on!

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1990 Boeing 747 VS. 2020 WebCam?

Can the most powerful man in the world with a 1990 Boeing 747 be beaten by a guy with a 2020 web cam? You bet he can. What does that mean for you in your business?

2020 changed business communication and interaction. Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris have been running via Zoom. Though he appears confused by the technology, who among us is not sometimes confused by it all? Seemingly, his strategy is so successful, he can quit working each day at noon and take off three days per week.

Video calls, virtual meetings, social media marketing, artificial intelligence enabled security, and cloud technology have become an integral part of our work lives. We should be considering them as we formulate competitive strategy. The winner in business today will be the fastest, not the strongest, not the biggest, and not the richest. As fast as a 747 is, it can’t outrun a webcam!

Choosing the right technology is not a challenge so much as managing the migration and use while protecting your business assets. You have three choices – Do nothing, Do it yourself, or hire someone like BTI to do it for you. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

At BTI we have the technologies and the know how to help business adapt to the changing environment. We will always deliver the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered reliably for your budget. Usually we save clients 10 times as much as would be wasted on mistakes and deliver an error free conversion.

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What’s On Your Network?

Computers can’t social distance! Wherever they are, their purpose is to transmit and receive information from faraway places at the speed of light. Viruses and malware lurk on your hard drive for months and years gathering and stealing data before making their final ransomware demand. Let us show you how to protect yourself with a free assessment.

A worker in an orange vest looking over the contents of the inside of a food plant

Increased Demand to Tighten Physical Security at Food Plants
by Jay Bartlett | Sep 01, 2020

In food handling facilities, sophisticated physical access control and surveillance systems can cost-effectively reduce public and operational risk

Ensuring food safety is more critical than ever today for the industry and supply chain, from trucking to processing and packing to storing food in temperature-controlled environments.

Now, food processors more than ever are looking to restrict physical access to those with appropriate clearance only, and to limit the number of people who can enter a building to protect the safety of food and better prepare for COVID-19.

In addition, food companies are utilizing video surveillance and access control systems to enhance security and production. Video cameras mounted at key locations in a facility, such as entrances, loading docks, and processing areas, can prevent access by unauthorized people who may have the virus. Video can also deter theft.

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The first and primary goal of BTI is to deliver the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered in Networking, Security and Telephony.

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