October Newsletter, Workplace Productivity Comes from Good Safety and Security Policy Enforcement

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Workplace Productivity Comes From Good Safety and Security Policy Enforcement

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California and Illinois have some of the most violent crimes in their cities along with the lowest population percentages in their criminal justice systems. All high crime states have these same characteristics. Because of failure or inability to respond effectively by local police, the highest crime areas have the lowest percentage of crimes reported as well.

Due to COVID, 20% of the prison population has been released in California so far. Statistics are not readily available in real-time so this article will already be out of date when you see it.

Before budget cuts and COVID, California had 532,000 people under supervision or in jail. Illinois had 189,000. 75% of those offenders will be convicted of another crime within five years of release. For years, in addition to helping to protect your businesses, BTI has supported Criminon, a program run in prisons to reduce recidivism. Sadly, these programs which work well receive less than 1% of the psychiatric drugging programs that work so poorly. Today, we see the drug lobbies and the prison lobbies advocating for more drugging and more funding for both drugs and prisons for those in the criminal justice system.

We must protect our businesses from increasingly dangerous people and those connected to those people who could bring such problems into businesses destroying productivity and doing damage we may not see until it’s too late. We do that with good HR and visitor screening policies, drug testing, and workplace safety policies plus monitoring so that the policies are effective BTI helps leading businesses ranging from healthcare and banking to industrial production and logistics to protect their people and assets from being victimized, vandalized, and stolen.

Clients that fully utilize our services use them to detect and prevent issues before they rise to the level of criminality and to increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

There are two basic tools you can and should use to monitor and enforce security policies and productivity – Great Cameras and Visitor Management and Access Control:

1. How Important are Great Cameras?

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Great cameras detect and report unusual activity on their own so you can respond and retrieve details as it occurs and afterward in an investigation. Our clients who lead and dominate their markets, all use great cameras for these reasons plus general operations management. The difference in cost of equipment between good and great cameras is less than you might think but the difference in performance is much more than you can imagine. As a reminder, per Law Officer Magazine, 1% of the people and/or employees entering your business are in the criminal justice system at any one time for some crime and twice that number are actively engaged in some undetected criminal activity. You can’t find and weed those people or their activities out of your business without great cameras.

2. What Does Visitor Management and Access Control Do?

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Visitor Management Logs and Access Control allows you to control and monitor who is in your building at any time. Its primary function is to completely stop unauthorized entry from non-public facing parts of your operation and to control and report on where authorized employees and visitors go once inside. Its second function is to alert you during any time of day, when someone attempts or succeeds in a prohibited entry to any area. The third function is reporting – ensuring that you can show who was in the building and when they arrived and/or left the building or a part of the building. This is required in an increasing number of businesses today.

BTI In The Field

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Shout out to BTI Technician Alex, and the wonderful work he is doing; on a ladder near barbed wire! Installing an Axis P3227-LVE 5 Mega-Pixel IP camera with Forensic Capture WDR and Lightfinder IR at a remote parking lot for one of our clients. We were able to utilize power at the poles for PoE to the cameras and utilized Point to Point antennas to extend the camera network to the lot. Our client is very happy with the coverage and safety being provided to their employees.

News to Make You Smile

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Our society is strong and when we come together to help others special things happen. Take a second to read about Aarna Chalasani, who is working to help others in need.

After seeing the impacts that the wildfires had on so many homes, South Bay native Aarna Chalasani, 9, decided she was going to do her part to help bring a smile to those affected by raising money and matching donations from her piggy bank.

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BTI Offers Free Assessments and Designs

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Did you know that BTI Provides free assessments for your business needs in physical security, IT Maintenance and security as well as your phone systems? Contact us to learn more and take advantage of this amazing offer!

Call or text us at 562-298-5000 to schedule a FREE Consultation

The first and primary goal of BTI is to deliver the foremost level of technical quality that can be delivered in Networking, Security and Telephony.

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