Modern Security Solutions (Part 1)

July 9th, 2017 by admin

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The next few blog posts will focus on various security and surveillance solutions that aim to better protect your business. Today we want to discuss the benefits of our integrated intrusion alarm systems in creating a secure facility. If you want to be able to assure customers, employees, vendors, and stakeholders of the safety of your data, equipment and goods, then you need to be taking every reasonable step to deter intruders. Private homes and small businesses in particular can benefit from having a simple, but effective alarm system in place.

While controlling who has access to a key can feel like enough in some cases, this won't do much to deter someone with basic tools and the right know-how from breaking in. By using BTI's intrusion alarm system, you can keep a close eye on the building's security. Just use a simple wireless application to remotely access and monitor locks, confirming with a glance that everything is secure. If something does happen, you'll get notifications right away. Quickly access live video feed to assess the situation - it might just be a raccoon or a dog. If it's an intruder, you now have an easy way to record video evidence and supply better information for a police investigation. The presence of an alarm system in and of itself will prove a deterrent to many would-be intruders.

Not sure how our alarm system could work for your business or home? We can sit down with you and assess your particular situation. Ask us anything - we're here to help! Learn more...

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