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June 14th, 2014 by admin

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ShoreTel Tip of the Week!

Configuring the Find Me Feature

We are frequently asked, "What is the best way to configure the 'Find Me' feature on the ShoreTel system?" In today's tip we will offer a few suggestions that will help you get the most out of this cool feature. The first step is to click on the ShoreTel icon at the top left of your ShoreTel Communicator and select 'Options'. Configuring Find Me 1 In the 'Options and Preferences' window, select 'My Phones' on the left side menu.  In the 'My Phones' section on the right you may now enter your Mobile, Home or the number you wish in any of the 'Label1-5' spaces available.  In the example below we have entered a number in the space 'Label1'.  You may populate one or more spaces and also edit the numbers whenever you wish.  Click 'Apply' at the bottom right when finished to save changes. Configuring Find Me 2 Next, select 'Incoming Call Routing' from the left side menu.  In the 'Incoming Call Routing' section on the right, you will see the 'Find Me' settings located in the middle of the box. Configuring Find Me 3 In the space available for ‘When callers reach voicemail and my Call Handling Mode is:’ click the drop down arrow on the right and select the call handling mode(s) that you wish to have the ‘Find Me’ feature enabled. Configuring Find Me 4 Configuring Find Me 5 In the example below we chose the 'Out of Office' call handling mode.  Thus, anytime we change the call handling mode to 'Out of Office' the phone number we will designate in the next step will be the one dialed when a call is received in that mode. Configuring Find Me 6 Next, for the section 'Find me at the following phones:' use the drop down arrows to select from a number you entered in the previous section 'My Phones'. Configuring Find Me 7 As we used 'Label1' in the 'My Phones' section, we are now able to choose it below to designate that option as the number to be dialed when the 'Find Me' feature is enabled. Configuring Find Me 8 Now that you have entered your 'Find Me' number and chose the call handling mode(s) that it should be applied to, you may select the boxes below if desired to, 'Send Incoming Caller ID', 'Enable record caller's name for Find Me', or 'Record name even if caller ID is present'. Configuring Find Me 9 If you would prefer to have all calls reach out to 'find you', just check the last box, 'Automatically find me before playing my greeting, instead of caller pressing "1" during greeting'. This will announce to the caller that the system will try to find you before hearing your personal greeting. This means that the caller doesn't need to press "1" and you don't need to record that feature option in your greeting. Click 'Apply' at the bottom right when finished to save all changes. You have now set up 'Find Me' on your ShoreTel system. Don't forget that if you would like your callers to use this feature, you have to record the prompt in your personal greeting "press 1 for the system to reach out and find me".

Thank you for reading your ShoreTel Tip! Have a Great Week!

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