Our Perspective on the ShoreTel Acquisition

September 27th, 2017 by admin


This past summer, many of us were surprised by the news that Mitel would be acquiring ShoreTel. Mitel's press release in July explained that the combined company would be headquartered in Ottawa Canada under Rich McBee's leadership. The focus was on how this change would take customers to the cloud faster with full-featured, cloud-based communications and applications.

As our Founder & President Eric Brackett explained in a recent Linkedin article, we were going to see ShoreTel acquired by somebody in the industry, and "It's great that they sold to someone who knows how to and will want to maximize the value for themselves AND for ShoreTel's clients." Our team at BTI is confident that this merger will bring many benefits to our customers, with the combination of both company's systems and software. We are seeing an increasing number of businesses opting for partial or full cloud-based IT solutions to improve their mobility, international collaboration, disaster recovery, and business communications.

We believe that customers with the latest ShoreTel systems have nothing to worry about. Your ShoreTel hosted communications solutions will still receive full support, and in many ways benefit from continued development under Mitel. If you're working with an outdated system though, please do contact our team to discuss possible upgrades. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns - our team at BTI is here to assist you!

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