Modern Security Solutions (Part 2)

July 28th, 2017 by admin


In our last blog post we covered some of the benefits of installing an intrusion alarm system for your building. Today we want to focus on another aspect of modern security – access control. Similar to an intrusion alarm system, this element of your security system can deter intruders or unauthorized personnel from entering protected areas. If you’re working with sensitive customer data, confidential materials, expensive equipment, or need to keep records of who is accessing laboratories – your business needs a dependable and secure access control solution in place. Instead of relying on keys and paper registers, we offer inexpensive IT solutions using innovative system architecture designed for maximum security.

We collaborate closely with Keyscan to offer their Centrally Managed Access Control Solution (CMAC), offering an easy solution for managing your building security. Instead of expensive investments in on-site databases, servers, and software dedicated to your access control system, you can use the program over an IP connection. Manage permissions, maintenance, and features from your tablet or smartphone, giving you the extra mobility and flexibility that modern security requires. Easily schedule visitors, lock doors, access reporting, and add card holders from anywhere you have internet access through the K-Web platform. This in turn is fully encrypted and protected by a secure firewall.

BTI keeps up with the latest IT developments for security products. Our technicians can train you on any element of your new solution and advise you on the best combination of video, access control, analytics, and alarm systems to fully protect your facility. Learn more...

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